The South Vista
* The South Vista runs along the outside of the south end of the track.
* The bottom row is A and runs up to RR, excluding i and ii
* It has no roof, though the top row is somewhat protected from the Deck above.
* It has aluminum bleachers with no backrests.
* It offers a view from Turn 1 to Turn 2.  (Note: the straight part of the track between
turns 1 and 2 is called "the short chute."
* Due to an entrance tunnel, the stand is divided into an east half (Sections 12-22)
and a west half (Sections 1-5).  The first 5 sections of the South Vista is merged with
the end of the South West Vista.  There are no sections 6-11.

South Vista Deck,
* Two rows of seats that are built on a platform above the top back of the south Vista.
* It shares the same section numbers as the stands below it.
* It has aluminum bleachers with backrests - rows A & B.  
* Deck seats cost more than double the price of the rest of the NW Vista and are hard to acquire.
Below are photos I took from South Vista Deck, Section 2
Photos and notes from when I sat in these stands:

Note: I sat in section 2 of the DECK each time.
INDY 500 -  
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,  
South Vista is shown in orange.
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