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Indy 500
May 25, 2014
ET woke me up at 8:30am.  I found it difficult to sleep last night as I was really wound up.

D.R. showed up at 9am intending to go with Ron, ET
and I, but Ron was running late,
so he left with Michie and Steve, who stopped by on their way to the track to pick up an
extra ticket.

We finally headed to the track at 10:42 a.m.  

Since there were three of us, I couldn't drive the Vette.

We hit a little traffic on 10th street.  

We were soon parked off of 16th Street and Presto Ave in someone’s yard for $20.  
Pretty close to the track.  It was a beautiful sunny day.

We walked in,  I bought a hotdog.  

We walked up to our seats at the top of the South Vista Deck, Section 2.  
We heard all the songs.  

This year is supposed to be Jim Nabor’s last trip to Indy to sing “Back Home Again in Indiana”.  
D.R. wasn’t there, so we figured he was going to sit with Michie and we'd have a little extra space.  
However, he soon showed up and squeezed in.
The race ran uninterrupted for 150 laps before the first caution!

I only brought my camcorder today and the still shots on this
page were taken from the video.

With only 25 laps to go, James Hinchcliffe slid into Ed Carpenter who was running in third place

who surely had a chance to win!

It happened in Turn 1 and I caught it on film.  The video is below:
I had garage passes and I wanted to get Jacques Villeneuve's autograph.  
So I left before the end of the race to head to the garage area.  Ron went with me.  

We heard over the loudspeaker that Ryan Hunter-Reay won.  

We watched from the infield of Turn 1 as he drove by after winning.

So, we got to the garages shortly after the finish.  

I was very surprised that the area was so empty.  There were only a few teams slowly

bringing their cars back.  There was no excitement among the race teams, just tiredness
and chagrin.
Video of Hinchcliffe and Carpenter crash during Indy 500.
I found JVs garage finally and hung out in front of it.  The sun beat down on me making me sweat.
Ron rested over by a wall in the shade.

I was wearing my Renault F1 shirt from 1997 – the year JV won the
F1 World Driver’s Championship.  I
also had on a matching turquoise
and yellow race hat.  

Eventually I saw JV walking toward me with a few people including
his wife.  
I gave Ron my camcorder and had him film me getting JV to sign my hat.  
Eventually JV came out and signed stuff for fans.

Ron and I then walked around the garages looking for ET
and DR who had texted Ron that
they were there now.  By the time we located them, the garage area had filled up with people.
Sage Karam's car
Marco Andretti's car
I was ready to leave, but then noticed that the hat JV has signed was not his, but in fact  Fernando
Alonso's!  Dang it!

Anyway, I decided to get something else signed.  I had brought a
postcard of JV's Indy 500 win
from 1995.  Ron also said he'd like his ticket stub signed.  So I returned to waiting in the sun while
JV in the garage talking with owner Sam Schmidt.

I seemed to wait a long time.  Fans began filtering in and a crowd
formed around me also waiting
to see JV, including this hottie:
Wow, look at me, standing by one of my favorite drivers of all time, Jacques Villeneuve.
JV won  the 1995 Indy 500 and CART Championship.  
He then went to Formula 1 where he won the World Drivers Championship in 1997
Friends that went with me today - Ron, D.R. and E.T.
After awhile, we left and walked back to the car and drove home, stopping at a grocery store
to buy food for a cook out.
Girls showed up and we partied in the back yard and never
did watch the broadcast.  
(The Indy 500 is not shown live in central Indiana, but broadcast later around 7 pm.)
Sometimes we wear wacky shirts to the 500.  
I thought E.T.'s shirt was a funny picture of president Obama.  
Nope.  It's Getty Lee from the band Rush with an afro.   
I don't get it either.  
There's always a long row of motorcycles inside the garage area.  This white bike was the funkiest.
Jacques Villeneuve's car shows the dirt after 500 miles.
Sage Karam greeting fans.