Welcome to IndySpeedway.com!  

This Web Site tries to provide all the information a visitor to Indianapolis needs,
particularly when it comes to attending an event at the famed motor speedway.

Race news for IndyCar, Formula 1 and NASCAR Sprint Cup are provided here.  
Other news related to the Indy Speedway are posted here as well.  

This Web Site is solely the work of one man.  It is not affiliated with IMS or IndyCar.  

This Web Site began in December 1996 and was divided into two websites:

How to Survive the Indy 500...and Still Have Fun!", a visitor's guide to the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Back then, the speedway's official Web Site was
sorely lacking in any information.  Through the decades they have seemed to
incorporate most every idea I've ever presented here.  Within a year or two, the site
was renamed "
Dan's IndySpeedway.com"

My other Web Site was a visitor's guide to Indianapolis. It was called
The IndyClub"  It included a complete bar and hotel listing.  Later,  the Indiana
web page began.  After failing to ever get the indyclub.com domain that I
wanted, I brought the site under the Indyspeedway.com umbrella

From the beginning, I had these
guiding principles:
1) To provide information that was not already available somewhere else on the web,
2) To make it fast loading,
3) To provide accurate information,
4) To make it user-friendly and easy to navigate.


Adobe Photoshop is the program used to render the graphics.   My current camera
is a Nikon D80, a DSLR.   An Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom was used from
2000-2006.  A Sony Mavica digital was used prior to 2000. I began using a Canon
Vixia HFR400 camcorder in 2013.

I coded the Web Site in HTML by hand at the start.  In 2006, I began tinkering with
Yahoo's Site Builder tool.  I liked it.  I was able to create web pages faster and easier.  
I decided to begin using it to build my new pages.  I also began planning a complete
redesign for the Web Site, to mark it's
10th anniversary.  You can view the old Web
Site from 2006
here.  (I have discovered another Web Site which takes snapshots of
sites through the years, going back to 2001 -
The Internet Wayback Machine.)

In January of 2007,  I unveiled the
new look along with a new logo.  This redesign
included a widening of the web page, removal of frames and a switch to a horizontal
Javascript menu system (powered by
Deluxe-Menu.com.) which I began removing
where possible in September 2012 as it didn't work with the Google Chrome


If you would like me to make your company a Web Site, drop me an e-mail.

I have met some interesting people and fun race fans via this Web Site!  It has also
led to interviews with a few television shows, magazines and newspapers.  I was
even used in a commercial one time (watch it at the bottom of this page.)

I receive lots of questions via email.  The most common question people have is,
How good are my seats?"

I like to get
cool stories from race fans who talk about a special or funny moment
that happened to them at the Speedway.  I list these stories on the
Cool Tales web

1) Rights and copyrights
This site is completely unofficial and is in no way associated
with the IRL or IMS.    I believe that no materials on this site
are illegal or knowingly contravene any commercial or
individual rights. If you know otherwise, please tell me by
emailing me.

2) Posting IndySpeedway.com images to forums
Please credit this Web Site if you post one of it's images on a
forum as part of a topic.  Please don't link to image as use as
your signature or avatar, download it and save it properly.  
Otherwise every time your name pops up on every comment,
it robs this site of bandwidth.  
Thank you,

Dan Vielhaber
Editor, Indy Speedway
Updated July 24 , 2012
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