Welcome to IndySpeedway.com!  

This Web Site tries to provide all the information a visitor to Indianapolis needs,
particularly when it comes to attending an event at the famed motor speedway.

Race news for IndyCar, Formula 1 and NASCAR Sprint Cup are provided here.  
Other news related to the Indy Speedway are posted here as well.  

This Web Site is solely the work of one man.  It is not affiliated with IMS or IndyCar.  

This Web Site began in December 1996 and was divided into two Web Sites:

How to Survive the Indy 500...and Still Have Fun!", a visitor's guide to the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Back then, the speedway's official Web Site was
sorely lacking in any information.  Through the decades they have seemed to
incorporate most every idea I've ever presented here.  Within a year or two, the site
was renamed "
Dan's IndySpeedway.com"

My other Web Site was a visitor's guide to Indianapolis. It was called
The IndyClub"  It included a complete bar and hotel listing.  Later,  the Indiana
web page began.  After failing to ever get the indyclub.com domain that I
wanted, I brought the site under the Indyspeedway.com umbrella

From the beginning, I had these
guiding principles:

1) To provide information that was not already available somewhere else on the web,
This has had to change as the internet grew.  I now strive to bring you the
information in a better way.

2) To make it fast loading.  As time has progressed, this means different things.  
For instance, internet access was so slow in the 90s that I had to post small
photos, avoid video and complicated motion graphics.  

3) To provide accurate information (I rarely report rumors),

4) To make it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.


Adobe Photoshop is the main program I use for PHOTOS and graphics.   

The photos taken by me on this web site were taken with these cameras:
1981-1996   Nikon EM SLR film camera
1997-1999   Sony Mavica MVC-FD7 digital camera
2000-2006   Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom digital camera
2007-present  Nikon D80 Digital SLR.   
Since 2013 video has been shot with a Canon Vixia HFR400 camcorder.

For the first ten years, I
CODED the whole Web Site by hand in HTML.
The domain was hosted for free by a company called "Geocities".
In 1999, Yahoo! bought Geocities and Yahoo! has hosted it since.

In 2006, I switched from programming the site to using Yahoo's Site Builder tool.  
It made creating and updating web pages faster and easier.

In 2007, I redesigned the Web Site and created a new logo, to mark it's
.  I left the old 2006 web site on-line for nostalgia.
This redesign included a widening of the web page, removal of frames and a switch
to a horizontal dropdown Javascript menu system.
I removed that menu in 2012 as it didn't work with the Google Chrome browser.
I created a menu list and put it on the left side of every web page.
At the end of 2019, I began moving the main menu to the top of every web page.

Over the decades I have increased the amount of data on races; moving from a
simple race schedule to full results, as well as expanding to other racing series.

Race News has always been different than anyone else's.  It started out as just
a scrolling list of short news stories for the year with a few photos, then it grew to  
separate pages for every month. More and larger photos began to appear.  I try to
report the news that I find relevant and to reduce it down to the basic facts that I
think average IndyCar fans might want to know.  It was still just a dated list of stories
you had to scroll down the page to see what was coming up.  
In 2019, I decided to exert the extra work and make an Index for every news story
so now you can read headlines and click on the ones you are interested in.  You
are still taken to an entire month of news, but you go right to the story.  So, it is
still different than anyone else's, but I've made it easier for you to use.

Enjoy your visit!

Dan Vielhaber
Editor, Indy Speedway
Updated April 28, 2020
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I have met some cool people via this Web Site.
I've also been interviewed about it by some TV shows, newspapers and magazines.  
In May 2016, Bernzomatic Torches used me in this commercial: Ha!