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Unlike most tracks in the nation, the
huge Indianapolis Speedway provides
many things to do on the inside of the
oval track.
Music Concerts - There many concerts during race
weekends.  Some are in the Pagoda Plaza, the 4th Turn infield
and over by the musuem.  The biggest acts play on Carb Day,
Legends Day and Race Day.  
Carburation Day Concert
The Speedway Museum is located at the south end of
the infield. They have many cool race cars. While most are
Indycars, not all are. There is other memorabilia such as
trophys, uniforms and pictures inside too. They have a small
theater where you can watch films about the Speedway.
There is a large gift shop inside.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum
Shopping - Visit an official trackside giftshop.  All types of
photos, clothings, and memorabilia is available.  They are
scattered around inside and outside the track.  Some, such as
the one over by the museum or over under the northern Tower
Terrace, are larger than others.

Phone number: 317-484-6400 or 1-800-955-INDY.
Brickyard Gift Store On-line
Airport Store: (317) 241-1500
Downtown Store at the Circle Centre Mall: (317) 955-1500
Gift certificates available.

You can find Race Teams selling merchandise from trailers in
the parking lot east of the museum.

There will also be many vendors outside the speedway, along
Georgetown Road and 16th Street, selling stuff.

The Speedway does not give you passes to get out and back
in to the track, so you will have to check these vendors out
before you enter or after you leave the speedway.

After the race is over and everyone has left, you may find
these vendors are willing to bargain.

Also you may find someone walking around in the parking
areas outside the track selling souvenir t-shirts for $10.
These will be very low-quality tees.

Local stores through out the city often have various race
related merchandise too.
Admission:          Adults $8
Children 6-15 years old $5
Children under 6 FREE
Hours:             9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  (closed Christmas Day)
May Hours:      9 a.m to 6 p.m.
Phone:              (317) 492-6784
Speedway Tours - There are two bus tours you can
take. There are busses which will take you on a lap of the
Speedway on days when race cars are not practicing.  
You can upgrade to a full tour in which the bus will stop
and let you out on the track at the start finish line where
you can take pictures. A guide lets you tour the media
center and the lower control tower. Tour tickets are
purchased inside the museum.

Prices for the bus ride only:      Adults $8
       Children 6-15 years old $5
       Children under 6 FREE.

Prices for the full Grounds tour: $30 for adults
            $12 for youth age 6-15
            Free for age 5 and younger.
Hall of Fame Museum
Photo Store - There are two photo shops.  The one
most people want is located over in the Tower Terrace
(the stands to the north of the Pagoda Control Tower.)  
You can find photos from just a $1 all the way up to huge
framed photos for hundreds of dollars.

The other photo shop is located on the 2nd floor of the
Museum. They have an archive of negatives that go back
through all the years!  You can browse through binders of
negatives, select certain frames and order prints in any
Car Displays - You may find these anywhere, but generally
most can be found in the Pagoda Plaza and over in the
parking lot east of the Museum.   Often, car clubs park along
the main road down the center of the infield.
Gasoline Alley is the road the race cars and drivers take
between the garages and the race track during the Indy 500.

Hang out here and you'll witness a pretty constant stream of
famous people and you may get some autographs or even a
picture taken of yourself and a driver.

The best time for this activity is when the Speedway is not real
crowded, such as a practice day.
Gasoline Alley on a slow day
Indy 500 Photos - Dario Franchitti, Sam Hornish, Scott Dixon
Video Racing Games for the young at heart
On busy days, Gasoline Alley gets packed!
Gasoline Alley on a busy day
Indycar Garage
Garage Passes allow you to walk around the garages
that connect to Gasoline Alley.  There are three long
buildings full of garages that are used by IndyCars and
stock cars.  You will see the mechanics working on the
cars and the drivers hanging around.  You might be able
to get a few autographs.

How to get Garage Passes
Pit Passes are even better than garage passes.  They
can usually get you into the garages as well!  The best type
of pit pass is the "hot" pass that get you into the pits when
things start getting serious and everybody but the race
teams get kicked out.

How to get Pit Passes
McLaren Mercedes going to the Garage at IMS
The F1 garages are right beside the Pit Lane.

There are days throughout the year where
various types of race cars and motorcycles
show up to test.

Fans can show up and watch for free.
With a pit pass you can get up close to the action!
- and without a fence in your way!
Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Try and get invited to one of the many big tent parties.  
Free food, booze and entertainment.

There are picnic tables and food stands behind the tower in
the Pagoda Pavilion.  Often there are bands playing nearby
on the stage.

You can tailgate and picnic almost anywhere you like.  It's
handy to do so near your car.  Bring a grill, table, chairs,
etc; and have a party!

There is free parking inside the grassy 3rd Turn infield, but
you must get there early on race day!  [2013 - You now
have to pay in advance for a parking pass to park inside
on race day.]  

There is a grassy viewing hill that wraps all the way around
the third turn and down along the back straight. Rest rooms
and a concession stand are handy.  You can catch a
shuttle to other points, such as the Pagoda Pavilion, or
museum.  They play music over the P.A. system during
those slow practice days.  There is also a huge jumbo-
tron TV there.

Another good spot to tailgate is Turn 1.  There are stands
in this area. Get there early and park right up against the
stands so that your supplies are close at hand.
The Hall of Fame Museum
Fun for the Kids - You can find special activities for
children around the Museum and at the Pagoda Plaza
(behind the Pagoda Tower.)  Video racing games, remote
control cars, slot cars, pedal car races and face-painting
are often to be found.  
Golfing - There is a 18-hole championship-caliber golf
course in the infield and to the east of the track.  It includes
three lakes, 72 sand traps and 650 trees.  It's not a course
for the fainthearted and it costs around $90 a round.

Brickyard Golf Restaurant - (317) 241-2500
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Things To Do In The Infield
Indy Racing Experience Fans can take a fast lap
around the speedway in an
IndyCar two-seater for $60.   

Rides will be available daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

For ages 9 and up.

Fans may sign up for the program at the Indy Racing
Experience trailer located in the Museum parking lot.
Less daring fans can also take a 60-mph ride around the
track in an Impala.  Up to 3 people allowed per car.
You might like to tour the Dallara IndyCar factory.
Although it is not in the infield, it is in walking distance of the speedway.