You are allowed to bring food and drink with you to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

But what should you bring?  This depends upon where you are parking, what you plan to do and of
course your tastes.

If parking
inside the track, you can take large coolers, kegs, charcoal grills, etc. Don't bring glass
bottles or containers!

If you park
outside and are walking in on race day, your cooler cannot be larger than 18"x14"x14".

The larger concession stands are ran by a restaurant company and contain the same stuff from
spot to spot.  
2018 MENU: $10 Pork Tenderloin, $8 Hamburger, $10 Chicken Tenders, $5 Hot Dog,
$9 Nachos, $5 Fries, $9 Bacon Cheeseburger, $7 Sausage, $4 Water & Soda, $7 Coor Light

There are smaller kiosks scattered around where you can find other things like Pulled Pork,
Shish Kebab, Tenderloins,  Turkey Legs, Rib-eye and pork chops.

A bucket of fried chicken and submarine sandwiches are a popular choice. You can even bring a
charcoal grill and have a cookout in the infield. I've seen people cook an entire lamb, then hand out
free meals to whoever happened by! You'll usually find folks at the track are very generous
(although you may not find them very generous when fighting for a parking space!) All of the
Indianapolis grocery stores will have
box lunches available during racing season too.  The
speedway also offers a box lunches that you can order when buy your tickets.   I avoid chocolate
and other snacks that might melt.   I usually grab some track food and then have some stuff in my
cooler to munch on through the race.

Beer, soda, water are available at the track. You can find some mixed drinks too, such as
Margaritas and Bloody Marys.

If you bring drinks, make sure they are in cans or plastic bottles - NO GLASS!
We used to bring in mini-kegs on race day in a bag full of ice.  This supplied 3 drinkers for the
race. If you bring in a alcoholic mixer, note that it is very hard to get a cup of ice at the speedway.  
The colas are sold in plastic bottles.  I did find a Asian food stand outside of Turn 4 that would
sell a glass of coke with ice during the Indy 500.

There is a limit on cooler size if you are walking into the track on race day.  Since seating is tight,
they do limit cooler size to 18" x 14" x 14" which is large enough to hold a 12-pack.  You'll have to
pull in to the infield parking with your car to get larger coolers in.  Since you will be doing a lot of
walking, I highly recommend you buy a cooler that has two wheels and a handle that you can pull
behind you.

The Greatest Spectacle in ...Tailgating?
You can NOT buy beer on Sunday until noon.

You can
save time by hitting the consession stands when the race is going on. Right
before the race and during caution periods, the lines for the concession line are long.

On long practice and qualifying days, it is nice to be able to park inside the infield so that
youcan stop at your car occasionally and restock your supplies or drop off souvenirs.

If grilling out, you may need a tarp for protection from rain.  
Due to a drought one year, restrictions were placed on grills to prevent fires.
Propane grills are prohibited, so use charcoal.

Backpacks and belly packs are handy for carrying stuff during the day.

Wet-naps can be handy if you're bringing greasy or sticky food.
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