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Unlike many race tracks, you can bring food and drinks to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!


You can bring large coolers, kegs, charcoal grills, etc. in with your car.
You may want to have supplies that you can refill your coolers that you are walking around with,
or you may plan to tailgate.  Don't bring glass bottles or containers.

Regardless of where you park, remember that the cooler you take into the stands on Race Day
cannot be larger than 18"x14"x14".  I highly recommend using coolers that have wheels and a
handle that you can pull behind you - it makes it easier for all the walking you will be doing.

            TRACK FOOD

IMS Concession Stands - They are everywhere and sell the same stuff from spot to spot.  

2020 Menu Prices: $12 Loaded Steak Fries, $10 Ribeye Steak, $10 Kabob, $9 Gyro,
$9 Philly Cheesesteak, $7 Cheeseburger, $10 Pork Tenderloin, $10 Chicken Tenders,
$8 Corndog,  $5 Hot Dog, $9 Nachos, $5 French Fries

Individual Kiosks - There are kiosks scattered around where you can find other things like
Turkey Legs, Ice cream, Pretzels,


Beer, soda, water are available at the track. You can find some mixed drinks too, such as
Margaritas and Bloody Marys.

2020 Drink Prices:  $4 bottled Water & Soda, $7 Sweet Tea or Lemonade,  $9 Cocktails,
$7 Domestic Beer, $8 Premium Beer.

If you bring in a alcoholic mixer, note that it is very hard to get a cup of ice at the speedway.  
The colas are sold in plastic bottles.  I did find a Asian food stand outside of Turn 4 that would
sell a glass of coke with ice during the Indy 500.

              FOOD TO BRING

If you're in a hurry, swing into a local grocery and pIck-up prepared sandwiches or box lunches.
Bring a variety of snacks or fruit to munch on.
I always take myself a couple sandwiches, cut in halves and stored individually in plastic.

I like to make sure I have iced drinks and food leftover for after the race in case I get caught in
traffic or will be spending a few hours at the track after the race is over.  
The concession stands begin closing up after the race is over.


There is a limit on cooler size if you are walking into the track on race day.  Since seating is tight,
they do limit cooler size to 18" x 14" x 14" which is large enough to hold a 12-pack.  You'll have to
pull in to the infield parking with your car to get larger coolers in.  Since you will be doing a lot of
walking, I highly recommend you buy a cooler that has two wheels and a handle that you can pull
behind you.

The Greatest Spectacle in ...Tailgating?
You can NOT buy beer on Sunday until noon.

Before the race and during caution periods, the lines for the concession line are long.
Save time by hitting the consession stands when the race is going on.

On long practice and qualifying days, it is nice to be able to park inside the infield so that
you can stop at your car occasionally and restock your supplies or drop off souvenirs.

If grilling out, you may need a tarp for protection from rain.  
Propane grills are prohibited, so use charcoal.
(Due to a drought one year, all grills were banned to prevent fires.)

Backpacks and fanny packs are handy for carrying stuff during the day.

Wet-naps & Paper towels can be handy if you're bringing greasy or sticky food.
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