The Southwest Vista sits along the exit of Turn 1.

*  The SW Vista's rows go from A to RR, no row i or ii

* It has no roof

* There is a
SW Vista Deck, which are two rows of aluminum bleachers with
backs, rows A & B.  It runs from Section 7-20.  The deck sits higher than the rest
of the stand and costs more.

* The east side of the stand blends into the South Vista.

* The SW Vista offers views of the Turns 1 and 2 and the south short chute.

* Aluminum bleachers with NO back rest.
The Southwest Vista
The vertical lines you see in the stands are aisles.  There are two sections or boxes between aisles.
I took these photos during the 2012 MotoGP
motorcycle race.

I was sitting in Section 17, Row L of the
South West Vista.
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Photo-journals from when I sat in these stands:

Indy 500 -  1986  ,