Only cars and light trucks and vans are allowed inside.  
No boxes or campers or scaffoling on top of trucks allowed.
You cannot bring in other transportation in your truck, such
as golf carts, scooters, etc.

On days where infield parking is free, you can purchase your
General Admission tickets as you drive in.  Have your cash

There is a large square parking lot behind the Tower Terrace.
It's reserved for suite ticket holders, media and those with
yellow passes.
There is parking all around the town of Speedway.

I recommend that you park close to your seats.

IMS owns many large lots and parking passes can be
purchased from them directly.  You should remember to
buy them early, as they do sell out.

Their largest parking area is
Lot 1C and is also known as
Coke Lot.  It is a huge grassy field along 30th Street
between Georgetown Road and Moller Road. Beginning in
2014, this lot is used for campers and RVs only.

For a map and more information, see
Speedway Reserved Parking  as well as the map on this

The Speedway also offer lots for campers and RVs.  See


Parking passes are available for race day, for race weekend
and also for the entire month of May.
Note:  Georgetown Rd no longer connects to Crawfordsville Rd
and 16th Street!

The roads bordering the speedway (Georgetown and 16th
Street) are shut down an hour or two after the Indy 500 to allow
for pedestrian traffic.  This means infield parkers have to wait
to get out.

The speedway will post information for you on what roads to
take.  They will tell you where you should park and that will
depend on your seat location.
1. Take I-465 to the west side of town. (I-465 is a hiway
that loops Indianapolis.)

2. Get off on 38th street and head East (back in towards
the city).

3a. About the 3rd light is Moller Road. Turn right and head
south on Moller.   Go to the second light which is 30th
Street. You can't turn right, you can only go straight or turn
left. You will turn left. You will be heading East.  

3b. Or, Stay in left lane until past Moller Rd and
turn right on Georgetown Rd.  Take this  south to 30th
Street.  Turn right for Coke Lot or left for North 40 parking.

The giant field to the south is the Coke Lot (Lot 1C).
Pull into this lot and park as far South and East as you can.

Once you get to Georgetown road & 30th, you are as far as
the coke lot goes.  If you continue east on 30th, you will
come to the entrance to Lot 7.
GETTING TO LOT 1C (RVs & Camping)
Carb Day and Race Day are heavy traffic days.

Rain can affect your decision when to go to the track.
It takes 2 hours to dry the track. Race cars won't run

on the oval track if wet.

It is recommended that you leave by 8 a.m. on Race
Day so that you can get parked and get to your seat
in time for all the pre-race festivities.

The race starts at noon local time (Eastern Daylight
Savings Time).

Other days in May, traffic should not be an issue,
so leave whenever you feel like it.

Track closes at 6 p.m.
The Nascar race is 3 days. Traffic is not as heavy as
the Indy 500.

Rain can affect your decision when to go to the track.
It takes 2 hours to dry the track. Stock cars won't  drive
on the oval track when it's wet.

Track closes at 6 p.m.
INDY 500
The first thing to decide is if you want to park inside
the speedway.  This might be your best option if you
plan to spend the day in the infield.

The speedway now requires you to buy a parking
pass to park in the infield on race day and Carb

You may drive your CAR, PICKUP, SUV, VAN, or
BIKE into the infield.

RV's are NOT allowed in the infield.

You must drive through a tunnel under the track to
get into the infield.

Motorcycles must enter at the south end at Gate 2.

If you do not like to get up early, hate to sit in traffic
and you don't mind missing the morning parades on
Indy 500 race day, you can show up right before the
race and will find that the traffic outside is very light.

If you arrive in the area by 9 a.m. you should be able
to get parked somewhere and to your seat in plenty
of time for the Indy 500.  

If you are caught in standstill traffic and are several
miles away from Speedway, I recommend turning
around and try alternate routes.

Make sure you have plenty of gas and a drink for
yourself in case you get caught in bad traffic. Go to
the restroom before you leave too!

You will not want to miss the start of the 500!  It
is awesome!  After the show of patriotism, you'll see
the 33-car field driving by in 3-wide formation.
I guarantee that when they roar away on that 1st lap,
you will get goose bumps. Some people cry.

If someone drops you off at the track for the Indy
500, do not expect them to pick you up as all the
lanes are changed to one-way streets heading
away from the track.

Some people park so far away, I can't believe it!
Do not worry about parking when you first see
people walking along with their coolers - they don't
know what they're doing!  A good rule of thumb is
not to think about parking until you can actually see
the speedway!  Those extra miles of walking
carrying heavy coolers will wear you out.  And
remember, you've got to walk back there at the end
of the day!

Leaving a icy cooler in your car with some drinks
and snacks can come in handy if you get caught in
traffic when leaving.
If you are sitting toward the south end of the track,
approach the track from 10th, 16th or Crawfordsville
so you can park close.  If you are sitting toward the
north end of the track, use 38th street.

And last, but not least...


Make sure everyone in your party remembers in
case you get separated.  Also make sure they have
their cell phones with them.
Crowds streaming out of Speedway
Note: Traffic leaving is usually worse than arriving,
simply because everyone tries to leave at once,
while everyone entering is scattered from 6 a.m.
untill noon.

After the Indy 500, the police turn many roads into
ONE-WAY streets to help get everyone out of
Speedway and onto the interstates as fast as

Unfortunately, sometimes they may make you go in
a direction you did not want to go.  It's times like
these it will help if you have a GPS and a navigator
if you are not familiar with the area.

If you don't mind missing the end of the race, you
can probably avoid traffic troubles by leaving a little
early.  I have left as soon as the race was over when
I had a parking spot in someone's yard along 16th
Street and have been able to beat the crowds and
get out quickly.

But I usually hang out in the stands for an hour or
two after the race and wait for everyone to leave.  
You can also walk around looking at the vendor's
stuff, have a cookout back at your car, play frisbee
in a field, or whatever, to kill a little time. If you were
to wait around for about 3 hours, you can cruise
right out with just light traffic. If you were to get in
line, you might be sitting there burning gas for
several hours if you get unlucky.

If parking in someone's yard, I recommend trying to
find a spot along a major road and not back in the
middle of some neighborhood as it can be murder
trying to get out.
Fans streaming out onto Georgetown Rd
I have a separate web page about handicap parking:

Handicap Parking Information
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Click map above for larger picture
You can park dowtown or the airport and take a shuttle bus to
the track.  I have a separate web page about that:

Shuttles To The Speedway
Fans can park inside the Speedway for free
on most days,  Passes must be purchased for
Race Day and Carb Day.  

Note: you cannot get out of the infield onto
16th Street until an hour or two after the Indy
500 is over.

The blue areas on the map below show the
infield parking available to the general public.
Infield Parking Prices for Race Day
Turn 3 infield ..................
Turn 3 Front Row ..........
5th and Hulman  ............
Turn 4 infield ..................

Carb Day Turn 3 ...........

It is free to park in the infield on other days.


is on the south side, off of 16th street.
It is always open on race day.
Practice Days - Approach from east or west.
Race Day - You must approach from the east in either of the
right two lanes of 16th Street.

GATE 6 & 7 are on the west side, off of Georgetown Road.
These gates are restricted to those with reserved parking on
race day.
Sometimes they are open to the general public on practice

GATE 10 is on the north side of the Speedway.  Enter off of
30th Street at Lot 7.  Requires driving up a 1/2 mile 6-lane
Turn 4 Infield
5th  & Hulman
Turn 3 Infield
T3 Front Row
Lot 3 grass
Lot 2
Inside the Infield:
Lot 7 (North 40)
Lot 1B
Main Gate
Lot 8
Lot 3 Grass
Lot 2
Outside the Speedway:
Infield Parking, 1925
Turn 3 Infield
Inside the Infield:

parking is always free and is located in the
South Short Chute.  Motorcycles must use Gate 2.

Bicycles - Beginning in 2016, bicycles are allowed in the
 Cyclists cannot enter through pedestrian gates, but
must enter through the auto gates 2,4,7 or 10.  They are not
allowed to ride their bikes through the tunnels, instead must
walk their bikes in the pedestrian area of the tunnels.

Bicycle Parking:
There are bicycle racks within the IMS for bicycle parking.
Cyclists can also participate in
Bike to the 500 and can find
additional bicycle parking along Main Street in the Town of
Speedway. Cyclists should bring their own locks to secure
their bikes. IMS is not responsible for stolen bicycles.

From Southbound I-65
- Use Exit 114,
Turn right on 11th Street,
Turn right on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street,
Turn left on 16th Street and take that to Gate 2, on the right.

From Northbound I-65 - Use Exit 113 toward Meridian Street,
Merge onto 12 Stret,
Turn left onto Senate Ave,
Turn right onto 11th Street,
Turn right on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street,
Turn left on 16th Street and take that to Gate 2, on the right.

From I-70 - Use Exit 79A
Go north on Missouri Street and continue through downtown,
Turn right on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street,
Turn left on 16th Street and take that to Gate 2, on the right.
Thousands of people park in the yards of Speedway residents.
Almost every house lets you park.
About a mile away, residents may only charge $5 for all day
parking on race day.  The closer they live to the Speedway, the
higher the price, often reaching $30.

Sometimes the residents will let you use their bathroom.  
They will park so many cars in their yard that it is possible to get
blocked in so that you will have to wait for people to return and
move their car.  This is rarely an issue, but something to be
aware of.

There are also companies that will sell parking spaces in their
lots, such as:

Dotlich Crane located south of Lot 3. Use 10th Street to enter
at Polco Street.  The lot will be staffed at all times.  
For more info call 317-440-1181

Speedway High School
5357 W. 25th Street, Speedway, IN
800 car parking spots available

Speedway Jr. High School
5151 W. 14th Street, Speedway, IN
80 car parking spots available

James A. Allison Elementary School
5240 W. 22nd Street, Indianapolis, IN
50 car parking spots available
RED BULL AIR RACE - You can only enter from 30th Street (gates 10 & 11) or from 25th and Georgetown Rd (gate 9a)
Turn 3 Infield
Inside the Infield:
VIP Infield
Inside the Infield:
Lot 7
Outside the Infield:
Main Gate
Lot 2
Traffic jams can cause drivers to grow impatient and possibly lead to
overly aggressive driving to get out of traffic. Whether you own an old
rust bucket truck or a
new car with a lien or Title Max loan, keep calm
and don't pull out suddenly in front of another car. No matter how
frustrated you get
driving during a traffic jam, just remember any driving
instructor or
Title Max rep would tell you to refrain from making a mistake
which could cause injury or a lot of money in repairs.

Roller blades
Hover boards
Scooters (the kind you push along with your foot)
Golf carts