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If this is your first visit to Indianapolis, read INDIANAPOLIS TIPS first!

This Web Site shows you the many things to see in Indianapolis and
offers you information on getting around town.

If you are looking for specific things to do on a certain date, check out
one of the Web Sites below.  I have researched all such sites and these
are the best!
Best Web Sites to Find EVENTS In Indianapolis
This free local alternative newspaper's Web Site contains many of the musical and
arts events going on around Indy.  In addition there is news, restaurants, movies and
sports.  Plenty of date ranges to choose from.  The interface consists of many advanced
options allowing you to narrow your results by music category, region and neighborhood
and Picks by Editor, Street Team or Members.
 [Update March 2, 2019 - NUVO news-
paper is ending after 29 years.  This will likely heavily affect their Web Site.]

This local Web Site, named after our area code,  has a simple interface and produces top
results with minimal fuss.  Just the right amount of information.  Results can be mapped
and are all on one page, meaning you may have to scroll.

This national Web Site also has an easy interface and concerns itself only with events.  
Has 7 categories and 24 subcategories you can search by.  Choosing time frame is easy,
just choose "Today", "This Week", "This Weekend" or "This Month".  You can search by
venue or artist.

This local Web Site caters to more than just events - restaurants, hotels and maps.  This is
why the interface is a little too busy, i.e. harder to use for someone just looking for where
the action is tonight.  It allows user to select very specific locations - by side of town,
neighborhoods and surrounding towns.  The map feature will only show 10 events per
map, making you view multiple maps.

1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Visit any time of year for tours and super great gift shop.

Indiana State Fair - Held in August, we put on one of the largest State Fairs in the country.  

The Children's Museum - The largest museum of its kind.

War Memorials - Indy has more memorials than any place in America except Washington D.C.

5.  We have two pro sports -
Pacers basketball and Colts football.

Slippery Noodle Inn - This historic bar features live Blues music every night of the week.  Serves good food.

St. Elmo Steak House - Our most famous restaurant began in 1902.

Shapiro's Delicatessen - This Jewish deli and cafateria has been serving great kosher food since 1905.