Welcome to my website!

Use of my website is completely private.  

I do not post the names or contact information of people who contact me or send me
'Cool Tales'.    I do give credit to people who give me photographs unless they ask
me not to.

I do not collect any personal information including e-mail addresses.

I do not send out any spam or junk mail or anything else.  If you receive junk email
messages that appear to be from my website, be assured that they are not sent by
me.  Many spammers sign their e-mails from domain names that do not belong to
them.   From time to time, someone will unscrupulously use my domain name.  

While I do not purposely use cookies, I do have a web logger that keeps track of
visits to my website.  It may use cookies to differentiate between new visitors and
return visitors.  It does not provide me with information on any individual.  Basically it
just tells me how many hits and visitors each page has had.

Enjoy your visit!

Dan Vielhaber
Editor, Indy Speedway
January 12, 2007
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