Located in Turn 1, these stands are the most sought after.

*  There is an upper deck called the
Stand E Penthouse.  It has a roof.  
The bottom (front) row is A and the top row is E.  (There are more rows in
the other penthouses.  Also, unlike the other penthouse levels, which are
accessed by stairs and elevators outside of the stands, the E Penthouse is
accessed by going into Stand E, then climbing to the top of the stand and
finally taking stairs to the penthouse level.

*  Stand E is longer than the Penthouse level with sections 25-32 extending
further south and east.  Consequently, those sections are open to the sky.

*  The rows in Stand E begins at the bottom with "C" and progresses up to "R"

*  Much of Stand E offers an excellent view of the front straight, Turn 1, Short
Chute and part of Turn 2.

*  There is a giant screen TV sitting way back inside Turn 1.

*  Stand E features aluminum bleachers.  The seats under the penthouse have
back rests.

*  Stadium-style chairs replaced bleachers on the Penthouse level  in 2016.
Stand E & Penthouse E
The vertical lines you see in the stands are aisles.  There are two sections or boxes between aisles, about 20 seats
E Penthouse - Looking Left
E Penthouse - Looking Right
Originally built in 1914, Stand E was the track's first double-decker section in 1949.
It was renovated in 1999 and again in 2016, when a new roof structure was added which is 17'
taller than the previous one.  Stadium seats were added to the penthouse level.
Photo-journals from when I sat in these stands:

INDY 500 Carb Day  -   2006  ,   2009  ,
INDY 500 -  
2003  ,  2012  ,  
INDY 500 Qualifying -  
2003  ,  

Penthouse E:
MotoGP Race -  2015  ,  IndyCar Harvest GP - 2020
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