The points are double at the Indianapolis 500 mile race and
extra points are awarded to each of the top nine qualifiers.
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IndyCar Series Points System
as of 2022
INDY 500 Top 9 Qualifiers
At the end of the season, if there is a tie, IndyCar will
determine the ranking based on the following criteria:

a) The most first place finishes,
b) The most second place finishes through last place finishes,
c) The best finishing position in the previous Event, or
d) Random draw.
The Pole Sitter at each race also receives 1 point.
INDY 500
* All IndyCar chassis are made by Dallara.
* The Manufacturer Champion refers to the engine builder.

As of 2023, there are only two engine builders - Honda and Chevrolet.
These two manufacturers have their own separate points race for a championship.


* They earn points in each race equal to the race finishing points earned by their two
best drivers in the race.   (Those drivers must be full-season drivers.)

* An extra 5 points is awarded for winning a race.

* An extra 1 point is awarded for capturing the pole. (2 points for the INDY 500)

Also in the INDY 500 -
* An extra 1 point is awarded for being fastest on the First Day of Qualifying.
* Durability Bonus - If an engine used in the Indy 500 lasts 2,000 miles, the engine
manufacturer earns points equal to the Race finish points earned by that team for
the Indianapolis 500 Race.
Other Awards
PeopleReady Force For Good Challenge

As part of the partnership between PeopleReady and INDYCAR, a driver
and race team winning a race on all three types of circuits during the 2023
NTT INDYCAR® SERIES will be able to win $1 million for themselves and
a charity

The first driver who wins at least once this season on a road course, street
circuit and oval will share $500,000 with their team and donate $500,000 to
that driver and team’s chosen charity.

PeopleReady is offering an additional $10,000 to the winner of each of the
17 races during the 2023 NTT INDYCAR SERIES, also to be split with their
selected charity.

This program began in 2022 and the million dollars was won by Josef
NTT P1 Championship Award

A trophy is awarded to the driver who wins this.  
Only drivers who have won pole positions compete for it.
The points from the races a driver starts from pole are totalled and
the driver with the most points wins.
Firestone Pit Stop Performance Award

Firestone awards monetary prizes to the top three teams with the most
cumulative points for the season.

Cars must run at least 95% of the scheduled event laps to be eligible.
Points are awarded after each race based on shortest average time in
pit lane during each race where all tires are changed, and mirrors race
Unlike Formula 1 or NASCAR, where teams’ guaranteed access to compete in each
race is a commodity that holds exceptional value, IndyCar does not have a business
structure in place where the small business owners who compete in the series own their
access; teams can come and go and new entries are welcome with no buy-in fee.

IndyCar’s Leaders Circle program began in 2002 and is the one business link between
the series and its teams.  

The top 22 finishers in the annual entrants’ championship are offered a guaranteed prize
money package worth $
1,060,000 in exchange for committing to compete in every round.


The contract is not transferrable from one team to another as a commodity, and it can
be lost if a team’s entry falls outside of the top 22.  

Teams are limited to having three entries eligible for the Leaders Circle, with exception
of Andretti Autosport, which has a fourth entry grandfathered into the program.

Leaders Circle participants must enter into an agreement with INDYCAR, remain in good
standing and be uniquely identified by a tax identification number, Car number and Driver.

Leaders Circle designations may not be transferred, and/or otherwise assigned without
prior written permission by INDYCAR. INDYCAR may limit the number of Leaders Circle
participants as it deems appropriate.

All Leaders Circle Entrants must attend Open Tests unless otherwise approved by
INDYCAR. Any unapproved failure to attend an Open Test may result in a $5,000 fine
and loss of one Team Test day.
Race Team Awards - Leaders Circle