How does the IndyCar Series Points System Work?

How many points does a win get awarded?

Each race - the winner will receive 50 points, no matter what. The second place finisher  receives 40
points and third will get 35. From there, fourth is awarded 32 points, and fifth through tenth places
decrease by TWO points as the position works backwards. Eleventh place  through to the final car will
receive ONE point less than the previous position.

Can drivers receive extra points?

Yes! Drivers get a point for winning the pole position or for leading a lap.  
The driver who leads the most laps wins 2 points.

Are some races worth more in points than others?

All points are worth twice as much at the Indy 500 and the last race of the season.
If the first- and second-place drivers in point standings are only a couple points away from each
other, you bet that you are going to get the best racing right through the end of the season with
the championship on the line.

Also at the  Indianapolis 500, extra points are awarded to each of the top nine qualifiers with the
pole-sitter receiving NINE points.

There are a few additional points up for grabs in the event of a double header race. The only double
header currently on the schedule is in Detroit. Drivers who have the fastest lap in the two qualifying
groups will receive an additional point.

Manufacturer Points

Whereas all drivers will score in a race, manufacturer's only get the points of their top 3 drivers.
A bonus point is given to the driver who gets the pole position.
Two bonus points are given to the Manufacturer who led the most laps.

Manufacturers also can reap 10 points for each engine that reaches its 2,500-mile change-out limit.
But 20 points will be deducted for an engine failing to complete its life cycle and 20 points will be
deducted for an engine undergoing a non-minor repair that requires a component change.
Zach Veach, 2018 Detroit Grand Prix
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