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IndyCar Series Points System
as of 2023
At the end of the season, if there is a tie, IndyCar will
determine the ranking based on the following criteria:

a) The most first place finishes,
b) The most second place finishes through last place finishes,
c) The best finishing position in the previous Event, or
d) Random draw.
The Pole Sitter at each race also receives 1 point except at the INDY 500.

The fastest 12 qualifiers at the INDY 500 receive points as follows.
* All IndyCar chassis are made by Dallara.
* The Manufacturer Champion refers to the engine builder.

As of 2023, there are only two engine builders - Honda and Chevrolet.
These two manufacturers have their own separate points race for a championship.


* They earn points in each race equal to the race finishing points earned by their two
full-time drivers.  

* An extra 5 points is awarded for winning a race.

* An extra 1 point is awarded for capturing the pole. (2 points for the INDY 500)

Also in the INDY 500 -
* An extra 1 point is awarded for being fastest on the First Day of Qualifying.
* Durability Bonus - If an engine used in the Indy 500 lasts 2,000 miles, the engine

manufacturer earns points equal to the Race finish points earned by that team for
 the Indianapolis 500 Race.
The rule book says entrants receive race points like the drivers, described above.

I see a problem with this method as the teams with the most drivers have a much better
chance of scoring more points.  For example, a 4-car team that has an average finish of
15th would beat a team that has 1 driver who wins every race.

IndyCar claim to "publicize" the complete ranking after each race of the entrants and
.  However, they only make the drivers points available to the general public.  
Access to the entrant and engine manufacturer points data requires a login granted to the
press and the teams.

While the IndyCar Rule Book explains how the points are awarded, it does not mention
how the entrant championship is determined.

The following is my current guess on how the championship winning team
is determined.

I've had a look at that data and I c
ould see that a team receive points from all of their
drivers.  I do not know why they bother to do this as the Team Championship is always
awarded to the team of the championship winning driver.  

For instance in 2020, Team Penske's 3 drivers accumulated 1,256 points
during the
season while Chip Ganassi Racing's 3 drivers only accumulated 1,134 points.  
However CGR won the championship as did their driver Scott Dixon.

So, it appears to me that the team with the champion driver automatically
wins the Team
IndyCar reconginzes three championships each year:
* Engine Manufacturer
* Entrant (race team)
* Driver