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2004 - 2020
2019 Corvette Grand Sport
460hp LT1 V-8
Dale Eanrhardt Jr.
2018 Corvette ZR1
755 hp LT5 6.2L SC V-8
Victor Oladipo (NBA Pacer)
2017 Corvette Grand Sport
430hp LT1 V-8
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Actor)
2016 Camaro SS
455hp LT1 6.2L V-8
Roger Penske
2015 Corvette Z06
650hp LT4 6.2L SC V-8
Jeff Gordon
2014 Camaro Z/28
505hp 7L V-8
Dario Franchitti
The Dodge Stealth was to be the pace car in
1991, but the UAW didn't like that it had a  
Mitsubishi engine, forcing Dodge to use the
as-yet unreleased Viper.
1991 - 2003
2013 Corvette ZR1
638hp 6.2L LS9 SC V-8
Jim Harbaugh (NFL)
2012 Corvette ZR1
638 hp 6.2L SC V-8
Guy Fieri (Chef)
2011 Camaro SS
426hp 6.2L V-8
500 Copies Made         
A.J. Foyt Jr.
2010 Camaro SS
426 hp 6.2L V-8
Robin Roberts (TV co-host)
2009 Camaro
426hp 6.2L V-8
Josh Duhamel (Actor)
2008 Corvette Z-06
Green-yellow-red prism paint
Will run on E85 Ethanol fuel
Emerson Fittipaldi
2008 30th Anniversary Edition
500 Made
2007 Corvette
400hp 363 c.i. V-8
Patrick Dempsey (Actor)
2006 Corvette Z-06
505hp 7L V-8
Lance Armstrong
2005 Corvette
400hp 6L V-8
General Colin Powell
2003 Chevy SSR
290hp 5.3L V-8
Herb Fishel (GM Racing)
2004 Corvette C5
345hp 5.7L V-8
Morgan Freeman (Actor )
2002 Corvette
345hp 5.7L V-8
Jim Caviezel (Actor)
2001 Oldsmobile Bravada
270hp inline V-6
Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp
(Model / IRL Spokesperson)
2000 Oldsmobile Aurora
250hp 4L V-8
Anthony Edwards (Actor)
1999 Chevy Monte Carlo
215hp 3.4L V-6
Jay Leno
1998 Corvette
345hp 5.7L V-8
Parnelli Jones
1997 Oldsmobile Aurora
250hp 4L V-8
Johnny Rutherford
1996 Dodge Viper
450hp 8L V-10
Robert A. Lutz (GM)
1995 Corvette
300hp 5.7L V-8
Jim Perkins (GM)
1994 Mustang Cobra
235hp 5L V-8
Parnelli Jones
1993  Camaro Z-28
275hp 5.7L V-8
Jim Perkins
1992 Cadillac Allante
295hp 4.6L Northstar V-8
Bobby Unser
1991 Dodge Viper
400hp 8L V-10
Carroll Shelby
The Greatest
Spectacle in Racing
Since 1936, one of the prizes for
the winner of the Indianapolis 500
is a pace car.
The 2001 Olds Bravada is the only
SUV to be used as pace car.
2020 Corvette Z51
495hp LT2 6.2L V8
Mark Reuss (GM president)
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