Fan Photos from 1921 Indianapolis 500 Race
1st Turn Infield
This was the first year that the cars lined up 3-wide for the Indy 500.
Most major auto manufacturers sat out in 1921 and only 25 cars showed up.  23 qualified.
Ralph DePalma is the first to win back-to-back poles, pushing his Ballot to 100.75
mph in his four-lap qualifying run.

DePalma bolts in front at the start and set a blistering pace, averaging over 93 mph
as he leads 109 of the first 110 laps.  The perennial hard luck driver of the time,
DePalma holds a three-lap lead when he throws a connecting rod and suffers
another disappointing finish.

DePalma leads the most laps in the race to raise his career total to 612, an
incredible record that lasts more than six decades.  Though he competes in three
more 500s, he never leads another lap.
Gaston Chevrolet, inherits the lead and cruises to an easy two-lap victory over
Roscoe Salres' Duesenberg
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