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INDY 500 MEMORIAL - 1930
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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Fatalities - May 1930
Paul Marshall - riding mechanic
Paul Marshall of Detroit was riding as a mechanic for his
Cy Marshall of Indianapolis.  

In the 30th lap, Cy's Duesenberg, running about 100 mph,
crashed through the retaining wall in the northeast turn.  

As the car fell to the ground below, Cy was thrown free.  
He suffered a broken jaw and minor injuries, but his
brother was pinned beneath the wreckage.  

Shortly after reaching the hospital, Paul died of a fractured
skull and other injuries.

Cy would go on to race in the 1947 Indy 500.  The 17 years
between starts is a record he shares with
Roland Free
who also competed in only the 1930 and 1947 races.
Marshall also failed to qualify for the 1950.
Paul Marshall