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at Indianapolis

Saturday-Sunday, October 1-2, 2016
E.T. drove down from Michigan and showed up at my house at 10 p.m. last night.  
We had some drinks and talked till 4 a.m.

The dog barking got me up today at 10:30 am.

Temperature is in the 50s, but it is dry out.

We parked in the middle of North 40, getting there around
2 p.m.

We were too late to see any of the side attractions that were scattered around the

outside of the north stands.
We sat in the middle of the North Vista.
We watched planes practicing and qualifying.
Eventually it rained on us twice.  Luckily for me I had an umbrella.
The day was cloudy and cold.  

I was glad I was wearing jeans, but wished I would have brought a jacket.
We left around 6pm as rain was not stopping the third time.
Got up at 9:30 and hoped to be at track by 11:30 a.m.
Finally hit the road at 1:06 p.m.  Took I-65 all the way to 30th  Street.  

Parked on side street next to North 40 for free!  
They have a gate there where a road intersects, which lets you into the north 40.

After entering track at turn 3 – ET wanted to head straight to seats to see planes,

so I didn’t get to hit the bathroom or the snack bar.  

We were sitting in the middle of the section and had to make
a lot of people get up.  
As soon as we sat down, the race was over.  I began drinking beer.  

Soon the airplanes were back and racing.  I met the guy
sitting to my left.  
I drank about 4 beers and ate some of the snacks I’d brought.  

Watching this race in person is much better than watching it
on TV.  

There are two classes competing.  The master class are the best pilots in the fastest planes.  

Then there is the Challenger class with slower planes and pilots who are working toward one
day joining the master class.  Both classes run the same course.  

Toward the end,  a wild bunch of people came and sat at
the seats in front of us, which had
been empty all day.  They were having a good time and were pretty funny.  When the planes
begin their run, they turn on smoke.   These guys would all yell “Smoke On!” when this happened.

The thing was over at like 4pm,  I left immediately and
headed down the back stairwell to get to the

Soon, back to our car, we had zero problem getting out of the neighborhood and back on to

30th street.  Cruised right home getting there about 4:35pm.  
Good sized crowd for practice and qualifying.
Bicycle Trick Area
When a plane's wing clips the cones, they collapse like this.
Back home, I fired up the grill and my friends who attended the air race started showing up.  
First Gregg Epps in his jeep, then Mark Moriarty on his Harley, then DR in his Vette,
then Brian and Joy in their MX5, then Tim on his Triumph motorcycle.

The other day I went to a German butcher shop and bought Italian sausages, brats, Kielbasa,

frickadella and jowl bacon along with a jar of German sauerkraut.  Joy brought some chicken too.

I grilled it all up and then we ate it all up.

Everyone left around dusk except Tim.

After he left, ET. and I went in to watch the Formula 1 Malaysian grand prix on TV.   

E.T. was apparently too tired, and fell asleep.
Stunt Pilot Matt Chapman Performed
Video Showing Part of the Speedway's Air Race Course