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A bunch of rain clouds blew in for race weekend.  
It rained Friday and it was supposed to thunderstorm on
Saturday, however no rain fell.  A lot of motorcycles were
all over downtown Saturday night and the Circle and
Meridian Street south of there, was closed to all traffic
but motorcycles.

Jerome and I headed to the track at noon on Sunday.
We parked in the back of the coke lot off of 30th Street.  
That was a mistake as there was parking much closer.  We
should have at least turned down Georgetown Rd or into
the North 40.
The Red Bull MotoGP
Grand Prix at Indianapolis
Sunday, September 14, 2008
The weather report said 100% chance of
rain.  Not only had there been a lot of
thunderclouds in the vicinity, but
hurricane Ike was supposed to blow in

By the time we got to our seats in the
top row of Stand H, the 125cc race was
almost over.   It then started to rain.

Jerome and I donned our rainsuits and
headed toward the infield where there
were tents set up.

Motorcycle companies were displaying
their bikes and stuff.

The rain came down hard and it was
We tried to go to Gasoline Alley, but it was
all blocked off for suite owners, just like
the F1 races were.

We got some food from some vendors and
after we ate it, we ventured out into
Tower Terrace and found it had stopped

People and vehicles were trying to remove
the standing water from the track and the

The 250cc race had been postponed until
after the MotoGP race, which was to start
at 3 pm.

This guy was having trouble keeping his
"BMW" chair from blowing around in the
wind.  He was a vocal race fan and his big
side burns reminded me of Neil Young.
Like Formula One, MotoGP has pretty grid

(Sorry about these photos, I only took my
little pocket camera due to the rain.)

I expected a fly-over, but there was not
one.  Perhaps because of the low clouds.  
There was a helicopter flying around even
when the hurricane winds blew in.
There were 19 bikes in the MotoGP race.
We stuck around in the Tower Terrace to
watch the start.

They did a warm-up lap.

Right before the start, they started
revving their engines and it got really loud!

Then bang, they were off!

After we watched them scream by a few
times, we headed to our seats in Stand H.
I had a smile on my face during this
whole race and I now want a sport bike.

The American Nicky Hayden was soon
leading the race and Valentino Rossi was
a close second.  These two pulled away
from the field.

As the racers exited the infield portion
of the course and accelerated down the
front straight, their front wheels would
come off the ground at each shift change.

Finally, Rossi got around Hayden and
pulled out a small lead.

Soon, this amazing amount of wind and
rain assailed us.  Sitting in the top row
meant I had nothing blocking it.  I would
estimate that the wind was around
40-50 mph and then there would be
these gusts that felt like 80 mph.  I was
happy it was at my back!!!

I could see these waves of rain all
across the infield.  Everyone was pretty
amazed and impressed that these cycles
kept going.

However, the officials threw the red
flag on lap 20 of 28.
Then the rain slackened and the sun
came out!

We stuck around to see if they would
restart the race.

After awhile they decided to call it.  
Valentino Rossi was the winner.

Then they cancelled the postponed
250cc race as those bikes are lighter
and couldn't handle the wind.

These photos on the left show the
Yamaha tent before and after the
high winds.  Two fans were injured.

The local paper estimated 100,000
people there.  I didn't see the south
chute or 2nd turn, but I would guess

I'm glad I had a rainsuit.

Although I didn't get to see much
action, I enjoyed the day.  I returned
home to find I had no electricity and
lots of branches laying around my yard.
I didn't get my power back until 1pm
the following day.

I heard today that they found one 47
y/o race fan dead in a lawn chair in a
parking lot, apparently from drinking
too much alcohol!
Some very short videos I made of the start