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Indy 500 - Race Day
Sunday May 25th 2008
After spending the evening at Vegas eating and drinking, ET and I ended up playing Rock Band
with John and Russ till dawn.  Hence we left a little late for the track - say around 11am.
I could not believe that the coke lot actually filled up!  I had to park way in the very back of it -
which meant a long walk.
Marlboro Penske were giving away tickets to selected smokers whom they had sent invitations.  
The seats were in the North Vista and they also gave people a gift pack which included
binoculars and a voucher for rental scanners to listen to the race.
I sold my NW Vista tickets and went this free route.
There was a long line for these tickets.
Once inside the gates, there was another line to get the scanners.  Since the race
was about to start, ET and I skipped them and headed to the seats.   Four fighter
jets flew over our heads as we made our way toward the North Vista.  We sat
down in time to hear Jim Nabors sing "Back Home Again."
Line infront of me to get tickets

                 Line behind me to get tickets
Lots of balloons
Our seats were on the second row,  we worked our way up about 20 rows for a little better
There were a lot of caution periods.  Our seats afforded us a view of most of the wrecks.
I bought a Bloody Mary for $6 and was happy with it.  Once again, poor Tony Kanaan got taken
out after leading the race.  Scott Dixon led most of the day and won the race from pole.
I took these photos with my little Nikon Coolpix camera.  I didn't feel like luggin' the big
camera around today.
Miller Lite Party Deck was back again
Sarah Fisher wrecked when Tony
Kanaan slid in front of her
Some people just hung outside the stands
playing beanbag games
After so much rain in May, the coke lot had
its wet spots