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Indy 500 Practice
Thursday May 10th 2007
Today's weather was beautiful.  I showed up around noon when practice started.
I parked out in Turn 3 by the viewing hill.  Grabbing only my camera, I rode the tram up
to the Pagoda and hiked over to Gasoline Alley.  Mike was the only Alley Cat there and I
hung out there for an hour and took some photos of cars and drivers as they passed by.
Davey Hamilton (below) and his car (above)
Ryan Briscoe
AJ Foyt IV
Danica Patrick and her husband Paul
I heard some guys in the garage area (on
the right) begin chanting "Bike Rookie,
Bike Rookie.."

The guy on the bike made it another 3
feet, when he was stopped by a yellow
shirt who informed him he could not ride
the bike out of the garage area.

His friends laughed at his return, saying
"That wasn't embarrassing was it?"
If these 20 year-olds wonder what
they will look like in a few years with
all their tattoos, take a look at this
guy  (This girl got in my way.)
I'm not sure who this was, but she was
definitely hot enough to be a race car
driver's girlfriend.

Note: a reader wrote me and told me:
"She is in fact Dan Weldon's sometime
squeeze and former WISH-TV sports
anchor... Nicole Manske!

I have a shot of her where we actually
asked to turn around and smile for us!!!!
She said, "Why do you want a picture of
me? "

I said, "Because you are smokin!!!!"
Going back to the garage...
Milka Duno leaving the pits.
I'm not sure, but this guy looked like Larry Foyt.  
Sarah Fisher leaving the track with
her car and crew
There were lots of kids at the track
today on field trips.
Scott Sharp in his PatronTequila car.
He is driving for Rahal Letterman
Racing this year.
Turn One Infield Viewing Hill
I climbed to the top of the F1 Garage area, then walked up and down
the pit lane, taking photos.

I was hungry and thirsty, so I caught the tram back to my car at
Turn Three.

I broke out my cooler and lawn chair and moved to the hill.
My cooler served as a good foot stool.  I sat back and relaxed with a
beer and a smoke.

It was 85 degrees and a little breezy.

There were some hazy clouds and some fluffy clouds scattered
about the bright blue sky.  The stands blocked the view of anything
else in the city.   Just me, the sky and the track.

There was not many cars practicing during the heat of
mid-afternoon.  The largest PA speaker system in the world played
some nice rock selections when no car was on track.

I was very relaxed and quite happy.  There is no other place  I would
have rather been this afternoon.    

This is the life!
Bombardier has a new logo on the pagoda tower
A large bathroom building that is in the Turn 4
infield has not been used in a few years
because it is now surrounded by the Formula
One track.

I spotted chairs atop it today.  I heard it called
the  Lite Beer Party Deck.   I wonder who will
get to sit there.
I noticed something very cool for the
fans along the pit lane.  The fencing
has large holes which you can stick
camera lenses through.   I think they
have remved a secondary fence that
used to be there.