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The Platypus
Thursday May 27, 2004
The stage was moved this year to the opposite end of
the plaza, up against the Pagoda tower.

Blues Traveler was schedule to appear, but their
singer got sick.  The band Live would be their
Playmates showed up to
hand out some free tees.  
I caught one
Kenny Brack and the Subwoofers.
That's Indy's bluesman, Gene Deer
on the far left.
IndyCar drivers -
Kenny Brack on guitar with Bryan Herta singing.
The band "Live" was the headliner.
Flirting with the officer.
E.T. gets hit on!
She starts my engine.
Lots of wobbly people afterward.
These guys fell down.
Greg poses with law
enforcement at concert end
This guy showed up
ready to party...
after the party was over!
As I walked out to my car, I heard
the guy on the ground yelling,

"Just tell me what I did wrong!".
E.T. and I were in a rush to get
to the track and to the pits and
then leave in time to rush to
get a good position for the
carb day concert. We didn't
get to eat a crumb all day.
Luckily we had plenty of beer.