Indianapolis Motor Speedway
INDY 500
Carb Day
Thursday - May 25, 2000
Carburation Day proved to be the biggest party day of the month!
The weather was nice and sunny.

I showed up with Brian and Tim.

We sat in the Tower Terrace.

We watched the race cars carefully practice from 11 a.m. to 1
p.m. This was the Indy 500 drivers' last chance to get on the
track and test things before the race. They sure didn't want
to screw up and wreck now!
Chug that beer!
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Chug that Budweiser!
In the afternoon we watched the Pit Stop Competition from
Tower Terrace. By now we were feeling pretty good and was
just looking around and talking to our neighbors about racing
and politics. It was hard to tell what was going on down in the
pits, there were so many people in the way.

This girl was sitting next to us.
Brian called me the night before to tell me that
our friend Andy Hillenburg (who qualified last for
the race) was offering a prize of attending the
Fast Track Racing School for people who
made signs saying "Bill Simpson for

Simpson, owner of Simpson Racing
Equipment and big advocate for safety in
racing, had helped Hillenberg financially.

So I got busy and made this wooden sign.

I wanted to walk down to the Hillenberg pits at
the beginning of the pit lane so they could see
my sign.  However a yellow shirt blocked my
way. That section was all blocked off for the
Tower Terrace Suites owners.  

I don't know if he ever saw it, but I carried this
sign around all day and 20,000 other people
sure saw it!  One guy asked "Who is Bill
Simpson? A cross between Bill Clinton and
Homer Simpson?"

As luck would have it, Hillenburg did call me
later and invited me to his race school!
Photos from my weekend at Fasttrack Racing.
Other girls sitting around us.
Me and Tim
After the on-track festivities, about 4 p.m., there was a rock
concert in the plaza behind the tower featuring Smashmouth.
This was an excellent idea!! With the creation of the infield
road course, the partiers lost the 4th turn area where they
used to gather to party.  A rock concert was a perfect way for
people to release their party energy. Everyone had much fun.
At one point, the Speedway sent out a bunch of race cars from
different era's of the century. They went zipping by for about 5
laps. It was really something to see a car from the 1900's
running past cars from the 30's and 50's.
These gals also had a Bill Simpson for
President sign!  

Also, 48 was Hillenburg's car number and
it was on their sign.
Smashmouth drew a crowd that filled the
Pagoda Plaza.
Brian's wife Joy came with her girlfriends.
We drifted out to the edges to meet them.

They had been in Tony Georges's suite at
the top of the tower all day! They were
partying and happy and having a good time.

They gave me a Pit/Garage pass.
I went to the garages to see Andy
Hillenburg; but he was gone.
Earlier in the year, I was contacted by a
Chicago television program called "Wild
Chicago"  They were planning on doing a
show about partying at Indy, so naturally
they came to the Number 1 expert on the
subject! Ha ha.

I'd agreed to meet them and do an
interview today, and towards the middle of
the concert, we hooked up.  By this time I
was really drunk.  

Later they sent me a video of the show.  It
was really good.  However, they used
about 2-seconds of my interview!  Ha ha.
I also got to see some female nudity through
out the day; something that was sadly lacking
during last year's Carb Day.

I was especially surprised this day when
a girl took off her top for a moment up in the
middle of the stands in front of the tower!
Cops roamed through the huge crowd
checking ID's of young drinkers, but really
everything was cool. I only saw them haul off
one drunk girl. As they marched her through
the crowd right towards me, She was unable
to hide her exposed boob as her hands were
handcuffed behind her.
Carb Day Crowd
This day was great! Thanks Tony!
Dan's Race Journals