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Indianapolis 500 Practice Day
May 1984
This page was created 8-2-2012
BW, Keith and I headed out to the track on a
hot and sunny weekday in May 1984.

BW is my oldest friend.

We drove in BW's Mustang II, which I think
was his first car.  
This is a view of the turn 1 infield as we were driving into the track from the 16th Street entrance.
At first, we hung out by BW's car.

We drank Budweiser and Keith had
Miller Lite.  Not sure if I was 21 yet,
but I know BW wasn't.
Keith trying to catch some sun ... and flies
Woo hoo!  Females.
We played some football.
We watched the cars practice.
Dick Simon
The Pace Car was the Pontiac Fiero Turbo GT
I remember going to the car lot to check out these little
mid-engined cars and was disappointed to see they cost
$18,000 which I thought was way too much.
Ha!  BW had a mustache.
He hasn't had one since.

I don't know who most of these entries are.  

Why?  Because back in 1984 there was
117 entries!

Even Formula 1 team Ligiers entered a car
of their own design for Kevin Cogan.  

Most of the starters drove March chassis
powered by a Cosworth engine.

This race was
Michael Andretti's first
Indy 500.  He would qualify 3rd.

Rick Mears won his 2nd Indy 500 with an
average speed of 163.612 mph.  That
broke the record set all the way back in
1972 by
Mark Donohue  who had a
speed  of 162.962 mph
Sigh.  Remember when the infield
was grass and not concrete?
These people are lying in what is now the chicane for
the MotoGP road course.
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