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The photos on this page
were snapped by my
Canon Vixia HFR400 HD

Yes, the photos are not
great, but it takes great
video and has a 53x
optical zoom!
Angie's List
Grand Prix of Indianapolis
Saturday May 9 2015
Tim came over last night and was talking how he wanted
to get to the track early today.  ET felt likewise.  Ron on the
other hand had to work all night and didn't want to get up
early.  I never want to get up early, so I arranged for Tim to
come over this morning and pickup ET.  

I slept in till 10am and got ready.  Ron came over and we
had a great breakfast before heading to the speedway.

There were concerns that there would be thunderstorms

I had pre-purchased infield parking since our seats were
inside at the Turn 5 Stands.  So, I had to enter off of 30th
Street.  We took I-465 around to 38th street and made our
way in.   We parked very close to our seats.

Since our car was accessible, I had packed coolers with
plenty of food and drink.

Ron and I got to our seats in time to watch the second Indy
Lights race.  

All we had around was a little TV monitor to see and we
had nothing with words or numbers to show us what was
going on.  They really need to add something down there
for Turn 5.
After the race, we failed to reach ET and Tim on our cell

I was able to get a hold of my friend Michie.  She was
here on a date with a guy I used to know ten years ago!
She was sitting on the viewing mound right by my stand
and said she saw me.  I looked over and saw her waving
and headed down to talk to them.

They ended up joining us back at my car to tailgate as we
had nearly 2 hours to kill before the IndyCar race.

While there, a thunderstorm blew in and I grabbed my
umbrella.  It soon blew over and the sun came out.

There was a huge TV monitor right behind my car.  It was
facing east, the wrong direction.  We walked out into the
empty field of Turn 3 and watched and listened while we
As race time approached, Patrick and Michie headed to
their seats in the NW Vista and Ron and I went back to
the Turn 5 Stands.  We had top row.  ET was there
waiting on us.

There is a viewing hill over by turn 4.  It blocks the view of
the cars as they leave the oval and enter the infield.

At about the half way point, we went back to the car to get
more food and drink.

I was afraid it was going to be awfully hot and humid
today, but there was clouds and breeze and we were able
to keep cool.
Patrick and Michie
Ron sitting on my cooler and
watching the monitor
After the race was over, we went back to the car.  We had
planned to hang out, but then decided to try our luck

The yellow shirts directed us south, then out the east side
over by where the motel used to be, and onto 16th.

We were home in no time.  Just as we got out of the car, a
big thunderstorm hit with heavy rain.  Whew! Just made it!

We watched the race on TV and that night, various friends
showed up unexpectedly to party in my garage and throw
darts with Ron, ET and I.  It was a fun weekend.
The party deck was in use - see lower right
Here you can see how the viewing hill blocked our view of cars entering the infield.
The only accident in the entire race happened there on the first lap.
Helio Castroneves would finish 6th
Sebastian Saavedra would finish in 17th
Josef Newgarden finished in 20th
JR Hildebrand finished 21st
Marco Andretti following Carlos Huertas.
Viewing hill
next to
my Corner 5
Parking behind
my Corner 5
Corners 5 & 6