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Grand Prix of Indianapolis
Qualifying / Race
Friday May 8 2015
ET got in from Michigan at 1:30 a.m.

The next morning, after a great breakfast, we drove with
the top down, through town.  We approached Speedway
from the east on 16th Street .  

Gate 2 was not letting cars into the infield unless they
had credentials. (WHY DON"T THEY PUT UP A SIGN
AND ASK?!  Geesh, same thing year after year...)

We drove forward and saw the new large roundabout
at the intersection of 16th and Crawfordsville.  
Georgetown Rd is now blocked off there and you
cannot get to it!  Weird.

I went back and parked at the liquor store across the
street from gate 2 for $10.

It was hot and sunny.  Michigan boy wasn't use to the
heat yet and went for some tree shade over by corner 7.  

I was talking to this older guy who drives a hospitality
golf cart.  He said he'd take us to the other end of the
track.   We took advantage of that to save a lot of walking.    
He drove us outside of the track at first to get
us down there.  He let us off at the Corner 5 Stand
where we would be sitting tomorrow for the IndyCar race.
We watched the USF2000 race - 20 laps.
ET and I was able to grab another ride on a golf cart.  This time we got dropped off over
toward the pagoda.

Chevy had a large display area set up.  They were giving away free T-shirts and letting
people play a pretty cool video racing game where you sat in a seat that moved about.
I checked out the food vendors over in the pagoda plaza.  Prices are up again.  $9 hamburgers.

We sat in the upper tower terrace and watched a Pro Mazda race.
After the race, we got a ride with a pedi-cab who took us over to Stand E.  I tipped him $20.  
We traversed a lot of ground today with minimal walking.

With the new Levy Restaurant management of the food vendors,  the food has changed as well as
the prices.  I could no longer buy a good ol' Indy Dog.  A Michigan vendor though was selling a
Chicago Dog.  I bought it for $7.  It had a lot of toppings such as peppers.

We sat in Stand E around box 5 and watched the IndyCar Qualifying.  

All the big monitors in the place have been replaced by bigger and brighter Panasonic TVs.  
They are great.
Will Power won the pole position for
tomorrow's race.

We stayed and watched an Indy Lights
race.  It was 30 laps.

I found this race boring as the pole sitter
took off and won the race and everyone
just fell into line and I don't think there was
any passing after the first lap.
Start of the Indy Lights race.
Stand E
The photos on this page
were snapped by my
Nikon Coolpix pocket
I heard various rumors today from yellow shirts.

Notice the Panasonic sign hanging on the pagoda.  

I heard that Panasonic provided all the new large monitors
along with 500 TVs for free.  This begs the question why the
large TVs do not have any Panasonic branding.

I heard that after this year's race, the speedway was installing
elevators to get you to the penthouse level.  I hope so, it's really

I also heard that they are converting the Hulman Suites into a
party deck because there are a lack of suite owners these days.