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Information for visitors who fly into Indianapolis:
Indianapolis has a public bus system called IndyGo.  

Some of them are electric.  They have bicycle racks.

A Rapid Transit System was created in 2019, called RED LINE.
Rent A Car?      Or      Take A Taxi?
Many hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the airport.
IF you will be staying downtown and have no plans to leave the city.
Tip - Take a free shuttle from the airport to your hotel, then use taxis to get around.  

IF you will be partying during your visit. take a cab or rideshare.
IndyGo Route 8
Phone: 317.635.3344

Hoosier Ride!
Phone: 800.544.2383

Go Express
Phone: 800.589.6004

Lafayette Limo Inc.
Phone: 765.497.3828
Airport Shuttle Busses
Indianapolis' bus system will get
you downtown for around $2.
Busses leave about every 1/2 hour.

Ball State University
They can also get you to many
other cities.

Indiana University

Purdue University
to Downtown

to Anderson
or Muncie

to Bloomington
or Lafayette

to Lafayette
Note:  Parking spots are not as hard to find in Indy as they are in large cities, such as Chicago.  
      Nor are they as expensive.

Note:  When parking downtown, you must pay a meter from Monday to Saturday, 7am - 9pm.

Note:  Indianapolis streets and highways are layed out logically, there are few winding or diagonal roads.

Note:  Indianapolis is extremely flat, making it easier to get around than in hilly cities.
Indianapolis Taxicabs
Indianapolis Area Code is 317
AAA Best Taxi
AAA Hoosier Cab
AAA Indy Taxi
A Best Taxi Serivce
A Star Taxi
A&T Rainbow Cab
AAA American Taxi
AAA Hoosier Taxi Service
AAA Indy Taxi
Airport Taxi
Airport Taxi Cab
Broad Ripple Village Taxi
Carmel Circle City Cab
City & State Wide Taxi
Compass Rose Taxi Airport
Guarantee Taxi Company
Indianapolis Yellow Cab
Indy Airport Taxi Inc
Indy First Choice Cab
Indy Taxi
Katherine's Transport Taxi
Mehari Misgina
Nationwide Taxi
Prompt Cab
Rainbow Cab
Yellow Cab Inc
251-3333  487-6666
A presidential Limousine
Advanced Limousines
Affinity Limousine and Tours
Antique Limousine of Indianapolis
Aristocrat Limo Service
A Touch of Class Limousine
Black Car Service
Blue Bus Elite Limo
Classic Touch Limo Service
Emerald Limousine
Indy Airport Taxi
Indy Limousine
Indianapolis Prestige Limos
Indianapolis LX Limo
Integrity Limousine Service
The Limo Dude
Royal Transportation
Silver Shadow Limousine
Xtreme Limo   
602-1566  888-978-2532
644-6343  888 LX-LIMO-2
Indianapolis Rent-a-Car Companies

Rental Car Tax is 17% in Indianapolis.  
The tax is lower in surrounding counties.

It costs a lot more to rent a car at the airport than from
the same rental agency a mile away.  (It is that way in
many cities.)

Enterprise Car Rental  have a branch near the airport at
7101 W Washington Street.  This location's rental rates
may save you over a $100.
This is an alternative to taxis.  People use a smart phone app to schedule a pickup.  
Drivers are eveyday people who use their own personal vehicles.  It is cheaper than taxis
and you get to choose your driver.  However they are unregulated and their prices go up
drastically depending upon demand.

There are two ride-share programs in Indianapolis :
Uber and Lyft
Personal Driver Service -  "We drive your car, so you don't have to."

Reserve a driver for the evening,
Pick Up Service (They will get you and your car back home)
Car pickup service (If you had to leave your car somewhere the night before.)

Contact or call 877-823-6933.
Hire a Designated Driver
Bicycle Rentals
There are bike trails as well as bike lanes in Indianapolis.

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare  -  25 locations around downtown Indy.   It is designed for short (less than 30
minutes) trips rather than an all day rental.

Wheel Fun Rentals  at White River Sate Park in downtown Indianapolis.  They rent a variety of bicycles & surreys.
You can rent by the hour, half-day or full-day.

The HandleBar - Unique experience where a group sits at a mobile bar and peddle around to bars.  
You can drink your own beer while pedaling.  Now has electric assist pedaling.

The city sets meter rates at $2 per mile and 40¢ per minute
and 65¢ for each additional passenger.

There's a minimum $15 charge for a taxi at the airport.

If you wish to file a complaint with a taxi service for over
charging or something, you should take a photo of the driver
and his license.
Traffic & Construction Zones
INDY 500 - You can park at the Indianapolis International Airport and get a round-trip bus ride to the
Speedway on Race Day to avoid driving in traffic and parking fees.  For information, go to my
Indy 500 Shuttles web page.  You can also take a taxi cab.

Also check out my
Speedway Parking web page for more information on parking at the Speedway.

You can fly into the speedway via a helicopter with
Sweet Helicopters.  $650 for a round trip ticket (2019).
$ 0.75
Uber Base Car Price:      
Base Fare
Cost Per Mile
Cost Per Minute  
Minimum Fare
$ 0.76
Lyft Base Car Price:      
Base Fare
Cost Per Mile
Cost Per Minute  
Minimum Fare
City Buses
Note:  Downtown Indy is a very "walk friendly" place which includes a skywalk and tunnel system that
connects hotels with restaurants, shopping, entertainment and more, while keeping you out of any
inclement weather.
IF you will be doing much traveling, such as across the city every day, or if you will be traveling to other
nearby cities, renting a car will be much cheaper than hiring a taxi.
Limos that
specify the
Indy 500
Getting to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Buses to Neighboring Cities
Indianapolis Limousine Services
Uber has a booking fee of $1.50.  

They have larger or luxury
vehicles available at
higher prices.
Lyft  has a trust and service fee of $1.55.  

They have larger vehicles
available to higher prices.
Uber  and  Lyft   

Neither's Web Site lists prices any longer.  
You must enter pick-up and destination addresses to get an estimate.  

However, they listed the following rates on August 2016:
PIck-Up Fee
For each succeeding quarter-mile
Waiting time per minute
Addtl Passenger
Yellow Cab
as of
Feb 2019
Electric Scooter Sharing
There are electric scooters available for rent with the use
of a smart phone.  

As of 2018, there are two companies to choose from:  
Lime and Bird,  with a flat fee of $1 to ride the scooter
plus 15 cents per minute used.

The scooters are dockless, meaning they do not need to
be parked at a particular location or back where you
started the ride. Scooters can be left at the rider's

The scooters for both brands will zoom up to about 15 mph.
Birds scooters can travel about 15 miles on a single
charge, while Lime scooters can go about 20 miles.


After locating a scooter, users can begin their ride by scanning the a QR code within the Bird or Lime apps.  

Scanning the code unlocks the scooter and gives the user the ability to start it. Then put up the kickstand
and propel the scooter with your foot three times before pushing the throttle on the handlebar to kick on the
electric motor.

When it's time to stop, squeeze the brake with your left hand. It's helpful to lightly tap the brake when approaching
hills, bumps or other people.

Once you've reached your destination, park the scooter in a safe location, put down the kickstand and open up
the app. You can then lock the device and end the ride.

But note: If you lock the device, other users cannot ride it, but you will continue to incur charges. This is useful if
you're just running inside a store or making some other quick stop.

To stop incurring charges, you must end the ride within the app. This stops the timer that determines how much
you will be charged.


The scooters should not be ridden on sidewalks, the Canal Walkway, or trails, including the Cultural and Monon
trails. White River State Park is also off-limits,

The scooters should be parked upright and should not block sidewalks, ramps or doorways.

CIty rules say they may be used only during the day, however they seem to work up until 9 p.m.
Download Self-Guided Bike Tour - Indy Downtown w/map

Bike Indianapolis -  the city’s bicycle advocacy group.

It is legal to ride on the sidewalk, but it is safer to ride
on the street where motorist can see you better.  Many
Indianapolis streets have bike lanes.

RIde with traffic and obey vehicle traffic laws, such as
stopping at stop signs.
Updated August 2023
Ways of getting around Indianapolis:
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Mailing Address:
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
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Phone: 1-800-822-4639
Gate Ten Events & Parking - They have a parking lot and they can shuttle to various events
around the city.
Indiana TravelWise - This traffic Web Site shows road construction zones as well as
current photos from hundreds of cameras along the road system.
Example of how to use:
1. Select I-465
 - this will zoom the map in on Indianapolis.
2. Deselect all Layers except for Cameras
- you will then see camera icons all along
the highway system.  Hover mouse over one to view thumbnail photo.  Click on icon
will display full screen photo.  You can then click on arrow buttons to rotate through
all cameras.

WIBC Traffic Map