Indianapolis Motor Speedway Seating Chart
Grandstands run along the outside of the oval track as well as the
inside of the main straightaway and the south end (called the "South
Short Chute".)  There are grassy viewing hills around the inside of
other areas of the track for General Admission ticket holders.

Stands are divided into "Sections", and sometimes Boxes".
There are usually 20 seats per row, per section.

Usually the bottom row is row A.  The next row up is B, etc.  That
continues up to Z.  Then row numbers continue with AA, then row
BB, etc.

The grandstands are aluminum bleachers.  Tower Terrace, Paddock and
Stands A,B,C & E have backrests, all others do not.

There are upper decks on some of the stands [Stand A, B, E & the Paddock].
These levels are called "Penthouses."  T
hey all have stadium chairs.
They all have roofs for protection from rain and sun.
They all have small bathroom and concession stand facilities.
All of the suites and penthouses have elevators, except E Penthouse
, however
you can use the B Penthouse Elevator and cross over to E Penthouse.

High above some stands is a section called the "Deck".
It consists of only 2 rows of aluminum bleachers with backrests.
These seats provide a superior view than the stand below it.
Like the Penthouse seats, they are expensive.
Unlike the Penthouse, the Deck has no roof, nor offers any protection from the wind.
There are no bathroom or concession stand facilities.  When these are needed, you
must walk down all the stairs to the ground level.
There are Decks on the SW Vista, South Vista, SE VIsta, NE Vista & NW Vista stands.
Click On Map For Desired Grandstand Seating Chart
You'll find aerial view of the track with section and row numbers,
as well as photos showing the view from the stands.
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