Indianapolis 500 Fatalities
List of race car drivers who
did not make it out of Indy in May
William Bourque +

Thomas Kincaid +

Harry T Martin

Louis LeCocq +
Arthur Thurman +

Herbert Jones +

Bill Spence +

Joe Caccia

Milton Jones

Bill Denver
Mark Billman +
Lester Spangler +

Peter Kreis

Clay Weatherly +
Johnny Hannon
Stubby Stubblefield

Floyd Roberts +

George Bailey

Shorty Cantlon +

Ralph Hepburn

George Metzler

Carl Scarborough +
Chet Miller

Bill Vukovich Sr.
Manuel Ayulo

Keith Andrews

Pat O'Connor +

Jerry Unser
Bob Cortner

Tony Bettenhausen Sr.

Eddie Sachs +
Dave MacDonald +

Chuck Rodee

Mike Spence

Jim Malloy

Art Pollard
Swede Savage +

Gordon Smiley

Jovy Marcelo

Scott Brayton

Tony Renna
Springfield, MA


Washington, D.C.

Indianapolis, IN

Los Angeles, CA

Bryn Mawr, PA

Cleveland, OH

Audubon, PA
Indianapolis, IN
Los Angeles, CA

Knoxville, TN

Cincinnati, OH
Morristown, PA
Los Angeles, CA

Van Nuys, CA

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN

Van Nuys, CA

Indianapolis, IN

Clarkston, MI
Glendale, CA

Fresno, CA
Burbank, CA

Colorado Springs, CO

North Vernon, IN

Long Beach, CA
Redlands, CA

Tinley Park, Ill.

Detroit, MI
El Monte, CA

Indianapolis, IN

Maidenhead, England

Denver, CO

Medford, OR
Santa Ana, CA

Grapevine, TX


Coldwater, MI

Deland, FL
+ Drivers who died during the Race itself.
"These men are not wild and wooly characters who
do not care if they live or die, nor are they clowns
or speed-happy maniacs.

They are men with a special skill which they have
developed over a hazardous few years.  They survived
the development period and became great in their

Having survived and become champions, they lived on
an exciting plateau alone with their own kind, above
other men, envied by many who were not gifted with the
daring spirit and the ability to live life to the
fullest possessed by them."

~ Johnnie Parsons, 1970
"To race is to live. But those who
died while racing knew, perhaps,
how to live more than all others."

~ Juan Fangio
Others Killed At The Speedway:
Harry Holcomb
Claude Kellum

Sam Dickson

Robert Bandini
Nicholas Mollinard

Paul Marshall

Clarence Grove

Harry Cox

Bob Hurst

G.L. Jordon

Robert Hahn

Leo Whitaker

Albert Opalko

Lawson Harris
Spectators killed at the Indy 500:
George Warford, Indianapolis, IN - fireman      
Otto Rhode, Toledo, OH

John F. Masariu, 42, Danville, IN

Jerome Urban Albright, Indianapolis, IN
James Patrick Cross, Indianapolis, IN

Armando Teran, 22, Santa Monica, CA.

Arthur Morris, 64

Peter Lenz, 13
Springfield, MA
Indianapolis, IN

Los Angeles, CA

Indianapolis, IN

Haverford, PA

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN

Lafayette, IN

Chino, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Gary, Ind.

Indianapolis, IN
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Both spectators were killed when Charlie Merz wrecked (which also
killed a riding mechanic)

Veteran driver Tom Alley, driving relief for Earl Cooper, crashed into
a fence, injuring school boys watching the race through a knot hole.
16 year-old Shoup was killed.

1930 winner Billy Arnold is 5 laps ahead on lap 162 when his rear axle
breaks and Arnold crashes.  His wheel flies over a fence and hits and
kills 12-year-old Wilbur Brink who is sitting in his garden on
Georgetown Road.   (Arnold broke his pelvis and and his mechanic,
Spider Matlock, broke his shoulder.)

Young Chicago race driver Emil Andres crashed in Turn 2 and his car
overturned three times.  A wheel from Andres's car struck Spence as
he watched the race from atop a truck.

They were killed during the
Scaffold Disaster

A wheel from Tony Bettenhausen's car came off and was punted high
into the air by the car of Roberto Guerrero and flew all the way up
hitting Kurtenbach who was standing in the top row of the old K-East
stand, located where the east North Vista is now.
Homer Joliff, 27, Franklin, Ind.
James West, 39, Indianapolis - riding mechanic

Bert Shoup, 16, Lafayette, Ind.

Wilbur Brink, 11, Indianapolis

Everett Spence, 33, Terre Haute IN

Fred Linder, 23, Indianapolis, IN
William Craig, 37, Zionsville, IN

Lyle Kurtenbach, 33, Rothschild, WI
A crankshaft on Overton Phillips's Duesenberg broke during practice
and he crashed into another car in the pits setting off a huge fire killing
these two men.  Rhode was a Chief engineer for Champion Spark
Plugs and Warford was a fireman.

Acting as traffic director on track after a crash and fire, a fire truck,
driven by his friend no less, accidentally backed over him, killing him.

17 y/o Decatur Central H.S. boys who were working at the golf course
sought shelter in a restroom during a thunderstorm. Lightning hit killing
the boys.

A firetruck, racing to a crash on the track, hit the crewman on pit lane.

a 20-year safety patrol worker lost control of his scooter and ran into a
concrete wall on Hulman Blvd (in the infield.) This accident happened
while he was working during the Brickyard 400 weekend.

was racing during the MotoGP weekend in a motorcycle class for
teens. During a morning warm-up lap, Lenz crashed in turn one of the
oval. He stood up, but was then struck by another motorcyclist, killing
"One crowded hour of glorious life
is worth an age without a name."

~ Piers Courage, 1970, five days
before he was killed in the Dutch
Grand Prix.  He was 28.
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