I have met some nice people via this Web Site.
I've been interviewed about it by some TV shows, newspapers and magazines.  
In May 2016, Bernzomatic Torches used me in
a commercial: Ha!
Welcome to IndySpeedway.com!  

My Web Site began in 1996 to provide helpful information to people visiting
Indianapolis or the Indy Speedway.  I also provide racing data and news.

The site consists of three main categories:
*  Racing News and Statistics
*  Indy Speedway Visitors Guide
*  Indianapolis Visitors Guide.

I present news as efficiently and organized as I can, so the reader can find
the facts, without a lot of verbiage, rumors or opinions.
Complete racing schedules and results are easy to find.

This Web Site is solely the work of one man.  
It is not affiliated with IMS, IndyCar or any other entity.

The site has over 2,000 pages and has been visited by millions of people.

I work on it daily and keep it up to date.

If you do not find what you are looking for through the site's menu system,
try the Search Box at the top of each page, or use the
Site Map.

If you find any mistakes, or, have a suggestion for the site, please e-mail me.

Enjoy your visit!

Dan Vielhaber
Editor, Indy Speedway
Updated April 22, 2022
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