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Kenny close up
Scott Dixon
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Indy 500 ~ CARBURATION Day
Friday May 27, 2005
The weather was pretty nice today. We were fortunate to have a
designated driver. Joy was going to drive my friends and I to the
track today. We came in on 10th Street and the police had Olney
blocked off, so we had to go far east of the track to get onto 16th
Street. There was a very long line of cars. A motorcade came
through the middle of the street and Joy bravely jumped onto the
end of the line, put her flashers on and we were getting escorted
up front of all the traffic. To our dismay, we did not reach the
track, but were turned into some lot that ended up being a police
station! We had been in a escort for police! Ack! We did a quick
U-turn and was able to cut into line not far from the track entrance.
Whew! That was a little scary.
BW, Joy, E.T, Bray, Dave, Russ - waiting for the tram.
We parked in the 3rd turn and tried waiting on the tram, but
we got tired of waiting and walked on up to the track. My cooler
weighed a ton, I should have split the contents among two
coolers and E.T. could have carried half.

I had some pit passes and since practice was just starting, I
wanted to get to the pits.

We needed to have a "home base" first. We tried several spots
in the crowded tower terrace, but the view was just too blocked.
Everyone decided to trek to the outside of the track and sit up
in the Paddock Penthouse.

I grabbed my camera and headed to the pits by myself.
The Tower Terrace was packed with fans.
Scott Sharp
Vitor Meira in car - he would finish 2nd in the 500.
Jamie Little has a nice butt.
Tony Kanaan's team discussing his
practice run.
I went to the far end of the pit lane to
take some pictures.

I was leaning over the wall taking photos
of the first car in line, Kenny Brack.
Before I knew what was happening, they'd started his car and
he floored it out of the pits. I was leaning over looking at him
through my camera and I thought I was going to get nailed.
I snapped the following photo as my body instinctively tried to
move out of the way.

In a split second he roared by, just a few feet away.
Talk about loud!
Scott Dixon driving a golf cart backwards
through the crowded pits.
Tomas Enge from the Czeck Republic.

I was amused when I saw Enge on TV saying
"Party like a Rockstar", as had a little cannabis
trouble in Europe.

Buddy Lazier crashed today. Luckily he was ok.
Helio Castroneves prepares to go out
and practice.
Sam Hornish, Jr. goes by.
I think this is Sam's new wife
Michael Andretti talks to his driver, Dan Wheldon.
Dan Wheldon would win the Indy 500 on Sunday.
Adrian Fernandez
Bruno Junqueira came over from Champcar for the race.
He would end up in a wreck and injured.
Danica Patrick recieved a giant check for
fastest of the practice.

She received so much publicity this month
that it about drove her bonkers I'm sure.

She would go on to lead the race, but finish
where she started, in 4th.
After the IRL practice was over, some old
Indy cars took to the track.
Next, the Infiniti Pro drivers lined up for introductions
before their race.
I left the pits and headed across the
track to sit with my friends. They had
a much better view than all those
people in the tower terrace.
The new Corvette is this year's pace car.

This is the 6th version of the Vette,
referred to as the C6.
The IPS race was only 40 laps (100 miles).
None the less, there were several crashes.
I'd estimate that they were going 180 mph.
Jaime Camara won.

He did a burn-out on the main straight after winning and
tagged the pit wall with the back end of the car! Ha ha!
After the IPS race, they began
bringing out the Indycars for the
Pit Stop Competition.
Since IMS moved Carb Day to Friday this year, and since the Black Crowes
seemed to be a popular choice, I expected the track to be more crowded
than ever before and it was!

Sam Hornish and Team Penske won the Pit Stop Competition. My
group then hiked over to the infield where a stage was setup for the
rock concert. They had moved the stage away from the plaza and
back over by Media parking.
Black Crowes Concert Photos

After the concert was over, we went back to the van. We were pretty wore out,
but there was a group of guys behind us who were still partying. We hung out
with them and played frisbee. Finally we left and headed downtown.
We ate dinner at Houlihans. As usual, it was pretty tasty.
We then walked down to Jackson Street for
the free Q95 outdoor concert. It was dark
by this time.

Rick Derringer and the Bob and Tom band
were there. It was pretty crowded, but kind
of a let down after the great outdoor Carb
Day concert at the track.
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