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The Platypus
Indy 500 ~ Carb Day Concert
Friday May 27, 2005
We ran into our friend Tim today (in the yellow).  
Next to him is Dave and Russ is in front of him.
There was a warm-up band.
I'm not sure who they were.
We got a few raindrops, and then the sun returned.

Tons of people partying. The shirts were being
lifted and the beer was flowing.

It got pretty crowded, but I saw only one small
scuffle. I did not see any police this year until
after it was over with. Yea.
This girl climbed E.T.!
There were so many people!

I'm glad we were close enough to see the band.
Remember this hottie from last year???
ALRIGHT! Time for the Black Crowes!
This was the best Carb Day yet!
Big crowds, lots of sun, a race was
added, and then this concert was
the most fun since Collective Soul!
Saw a few titties.
Dan's Race Journals
I'm taking a load off waiting for
the music to get started.
Fans behind me.