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Indy 500 Bronze Badge

A bronze badge is available to the public for a cost of $150.   Buy
it before April 1st for $135.  A Junior Garage Pass is available for
$75 for people age 9-17.

This badge will get you in the gate all during May for free.  It also
gets you into the garage area.  It is not valid on Race Day though.

Contact the IMS Credential Office (317-484-6500), located in the
Administration building at the corner of 16th and Georgetown.
Credential distribution will begin April 12 for those who have made
Want a Pit Pass?

As of 2014, you may purchase a pit pass from the speedway for
Brickyard 400.

As of 2018, you can purchase credentials from
IndyCar Nation that
include a pit pass for May, or buy a Indy 500 Silver Badge, both are
$500.  You can also buy credentials that are good for other IndyCar
races.  The ultimate is the $2,500 Annual Hard Card that gets you
into the pits and garages at every race!

If you have a connection to a sponsor or team, perhaps you can get
them to give you one.

Suites at IMS come with passes that the suite guests can use.  
Suite are expensive and purchased by companies.
But, as of 2016, individuals can buy a seat in the new Hulman
Terrace Club suites ($1750/year.)  They will then have access to
pit/garage passes as well.

You can also become a Lap Prize sponsor. You must pledge $500
for one of the laps. Whoever leads that lap, wins your money.  Lap
Prize Sponsors get: Name listed in race program, 2 gate
admissions for practice and qualifying and 2 pit passes (no garage
pass).   Call 1-800-822-4639 to order yours.

Note: There is also a "Hot Pass". This is for the race teams.
Shortly before race time, IMS will kick everyone out of the pits
unless they have a hot pass.
You have to be at least 9 years old.

You have to be wearing shoes and a shirt.

No coolers or alcoholic drinks.

No smoking.

Cameras are allowed.
Rules for the Pits and Garages
Along the west side of the garage area, there is a long
concrete 2-story structure which contains suites and public
rest rooms.   There is a deck that runs around the 2nd level.  
You can stand up there facing the garages and see the first
aisle of garages.

You are allowed to stand around Gasoline Alley, which the
IndyCar teams traverse all the time.  Its a great place to
get a picture, or even an autograph of a famous driver,
especially on slower practice days.  In fact, probably every
famous person at the track each May crosses this path.

You can walk along the entire pit lane, only a fence
separating you from those with pit passes.  So do it!  
And in front of the tower, the fence is low, so you can take

On Community Day, the Wednesday before Race
Weekend, you can tour the pits while the IRL teams
practice pit stops! NOTE: THIS MAY HAVE ENDED 2014.
Can't get a pass?  Don't Worry!

If you don't get a pit or garage pass, you can still get close
enough to observe the action!
                            Indy 500 Silver Badge

As of 2018, this pass that used to be for race teams only,
is now available in limited quantity from the speedway for

It has the same benefits as a Bronze Badge, but also gives
you access to the pit lane for the month of May.
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Brickyard 400

Weekend 3-Day Pit Pass - $195
(Includes Gate Admission for Friday  & Saturday)

Race Day Only  Pit Pass until noon  -  $95
History of the Bronze Badge
Cardboard or laminate badges were utilized from the
inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911 through 1937, and were
assigned only to event participants.

Beginning in 1938, more durable metal badges were used
before IMS Bronze Badges made their debut in 1947 and
were initially sold to the general public in the early 1990s.

Today they all are cherished collectables.

Photos of All Indy 500 Bronze Badges
As of 2018, IMS is offering fans a pre-race Pit
pass for the Indy 500.

You must have a $500 Silver Badge and then
pay an additonal $1000 to upgrade to the
Pre-Race Pit Pass.