Fatality - May 15, 1957
Keith Andrews - driver
Keith Andrews was born in Denver on June 6,
1920. He began racing roasdsters in 1947 and
progressed to midgets. He won the Colorado
midget championship
three years straight from
1952-54.   He won the Pikes
Peak hill climb in
1954 after finishing second in 1953.  An Air
Force veteran, he ownded a auto repair garage
in Colorado Springs.

He moved up to big cars and made his debut at

Indy in 1955, qualifying on the last day. He
finished 20th that year. He raced the next year
and got into a big wreck early in the race.  He
was able to get restarted and ended up
finishing 26th.

Andrews was looking for a ride at Indy in 1957
when he
got the opportunity to be the backup
driver for Nino Farina, 50, and his new light-
weight $25,000 #62 car.

Andrews tested the car on May 11th and took it

out again on May 16th.

As he was entering Turn 4, he got below under

the white line.  He was clocked at 136 mph. His
car went into a 360-degree spin, slid 755 feet
and hit the 6-inch inside retaining wall, breaking it.
He bounced back 300 feet
toward the white line
sideways, then abruptly spun 3/4 of
the way
around and slid another 450 feet backwards into
the wall again, breaking it again for 10 feet and
out a metal guard rail two feet. The back
end of the car shoved the battered Andrews up
against his steering
wheel breaking his neck and
killing him.

Survivors included his wife Glenice and two
daughters, Marilyn (11) and Sandra Lee(2).
Andrews's Indy Record
Keith P. Andrews
Year   Car No.     Car                           Laps                              Start    Finish

1955        31        McDaniel                  120- ignition              
     28        20
1956        89        Dunn Engineering      97 - spun in T4      
       20        26
1957        62        Farina                        Died in practice crash
Crown Hill Cemetery, CO
Keith Andrews waving to crowd after
qualifying for 1956 Indy 500
The car after the accident
Fatalities - May 1940
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway
INDY 500 MEMORIAL - 1957
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