Fatality - May 1937
Albert Opalko - riding mechanic
Albert Opalko, 26, of Gary Indiana, rode as mechanic for
Frank 'Wildman' McGurk of Los Angeles - right into the


The control on McGurk's car had locked at 119 mph in the

1st turn during a practice lap.  To obtain one of the 33
starting positions in this race, McGurk had to average
more than 105 mph for ten qualification laps.  He was
apparently having no difficulty attaining  the required
speed, having averaged 118 mph for four laps.  

Suddenly a connecting rod cracked through the engine
block.  Both drivers were thrown clear of the car as it
pitched end over end into the infield.  McGurk had a
broken arm and head lacerations.  Albert Opalko was
killed instantly.
Albert Opalko
The wreck of Frank McGurk and Albert Opalko
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway
INDY 500 MEMORIAL - 1937
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