Fatality - May, 28 1937
Albert Opalko - riding mechanic
Frank 'Wildman' McGurk and his riding mechanic, Albert
Opalko, went out to qualify at 6:30pm.

McGurk, in his Belanger-Miller special, was the first car of
the day to make a qualifying attempt.

He did
four laps at better than 119 mph.

As the car entered turn 1, a connecting rod cracked.
The car careened to the inside safety apron, then into the
infield.  The car threw a wheel and both men were hurled
clear as
the car pitched end over end into the infield.  

McGurk suffered a broken arm and head lacerations.
Opalko, though, was killed instantly.

was 26, married and from Gary Indiana.

McGurk was from
Los Angeles and had competed in the
1926 Indy 500.
Albert Opalko
The wreck of Frank McGurk and Albert Opalko
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway
INDY 500 MEMORIAL - 1937
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Earlier in the day, two men died and three were injured in a separate accident.
You can read about that at
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Frank McGurk and Albert Opalko