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The night before the race, BW and I rode our bikes
downtown.  Joy and Allison rode along with us.  
Meridian Street was closed to cars.  There was lots
of traffic as we putted around downtown trying to get
parked on Meridian.  We finally did and then went

Red Bull had a tent setup and a fenced off area for
trick riding.  

We saw lots of cool bikes.  I was surprised we didn't
see any accidents with all the traffic.  There was a
crowd of twenty African-Americans standing around
on one corner and we saw a couple girls from the
group spill out onto the street as they got into a fight.  
The crowd followed and
The Red Bull MotoGP
Grand Prix at Indianapolis
Sunday, August 30, 2009
Some guy painted this
mural and finished it as I

It says "100 Years" -
as the first bike race at
IMS was 1909.  

While we both have bikes, Jerome went with
me today in my convertible.  

$20 to park directly across the street from
our Stand J seats.  

Lots of people drove their bikes to the
We got to our seats in time to see the start
of the  250cc race.
Before the race ended, we hiked over to the
infield and watched the last few laps on the
infield straight.
We wandered around the displays in the
infield while we waited for the MotoGP

Most of the bike manufacturers where
there with displays of their latest bikes
as well as custom bikes.
D.R. overslept and missed the first race, but
showed up and met us by the Honda tent.  

Honda has a new chopper called the Fury.  
I didn't take a photo of it though.
We went and sat in the Tower Terrace for
the start of the MotoGP race.
Mary Hulman George -

"Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!"
Warm-up Lap
And they're off!

After we watched them go around,
we walked back down to the sidewalk,
by the fence.

Nothing is cooler at any race than
spending some time on the main
straight, as close as you can get.  
These guys zoomed by so fast
(and LOUD) that it was unbelievable!!!
We left the Tower Terrace and headed
to the viewing hills in the infield.
D.R. had to pose
This foot bridge gets people across
the track.

The next photo was taken when I'd
reached the top.
another girl came out and kicked the girl that
was down and some guy pulled her away.  The
light changed and some mad motorist move into
the intersection and started honking which
caused the nearest baggy-pants boy to grab his
crotch and make some obscene motions toward
the car.  Then the fight
was over and the people
retook the sidewalk.

[update: found out in the
next day's paper that
some kids in a car crossed
the median on
the way home from
downtown, hit a truck
and a 17 y/o boy died.  
Freakin' sad.  
I remember spinning
out across the median
on that same spot when
I was around 21.  
Lucky for me, no cars
were coming.]
Miss America sang the national anthem.
MotoGP has grid girls just like in
Formula One.
Awaiting the starting signal....
The viewing hills were full.
It was a nice day!  

Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo won the race.

Traffic was a little slow getting out of the
town of Speedway Indiana.

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