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93rd INDY 500
May 24, 2009
Koz, ET and I left for the track at 11:30 am.  I tried going
in the back way via Holt Rd, but the police turned me back
before I could even reach 10th Street.  Every way I tried
was blocked and we couldn't even see any signs of the
track in the distance.   I eventually got to Lynhurst and took
that to 16th Street.  I should've just taken 465 to 10th.  It was
interesting to see how far away people were parking
though - I'd say about 5 miles away.

The police were blocking 16th Street right before
Georgetown Rd, so I did a U-turn and got a parking spot
at the first house on 16th street; about 200 ft from the
track.  They hit me for $40, double what many spots cost.

I left ET and Koz to find tickets from a scalper. (They
ended up with Stand J.  $50 for 2 tickets.)  I had a ticket
already in Southeast Vista, section 18, top row RR.  
I had a great view of all of turn 1, south short chute and
turn 2.  I could see the back straight and the start of turn 3.  
I could even see a portion of the north short chute and a
big section of the 4th turn - although at that distance, the
cars were just dots.

The day started out very warm and humid.   I was figuring
for an uncomfortable sticky day.  The sky was a little
overcast and a good breeze was had for most of the day
and it was just fine.  If the sun had been beating down, we
had the roof of the deck above us for protection.
Several Chevrolet concept cars were on
display by the museum including these two.
Helio Castroneves climbed the
fence after his win.
I sat with Brian.  He brought two daughters.
The one on the left turned 17 today.
We didn't hang out for hours afterwards
as usual.

We didn't have any trouble pulling out onto
16th street.  We took Auburn over to 10th,
in traffic.   We were forced to go south on
Lynhurst.  I went left on Rockville Rd.  I was
eventually able to wind my way to Holt Rd,
just north of the I-70 interchange, but cutting
through some neighborhoods.
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