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A van full of my friends went with me to the track today.
We parked in Lot 2 and sat in Stand E in the first turn.
We arrived in time to watch the IRL practice which ran
from 11 a.m. to noon.   Soon after that, the Pro Series
had their race, the Freedom 100.  Wade Cunningham
won and led almost the entire race, however he was
under heavy pressure from Jay Howard.

I only took my pocket party camera today as I didn't feel
like lugging around my good camera.   It doesn't take
far away photos very well, consequently I only took this
photo from Stand E...

I think Sections 6-7 are the best for an angle, but there are these poles
in the way,  which are spread out and a better view can be had from
Section 15.
The first row is A, seats 1-20 or something.
The next row is A, seats 20-40 or whatever.
The top row is R.
It is good to sit up high, but if you sit in the top 3 rows, you stand a good
chance of having a camera cage blocking your view down the front
[A few days later, BW gives me his photos from his good camera, of which I will now post a few.]
We went down to the Paddock Penthouse to check out our seats
for race day.  We watched a little of the Pit Stop contest and then
headed over to the infield to grab a spot for the concert.  

The sun was shining hot and it would have been nice to have
some shade.

We picked a spot down close to the stage.  Some guy was giving
away skimpy girl tees that had something like this:

Boob 1               Boob 2

Boob 3 ----------->

This couple sitting next to me had a little daughter that got into
the act of giving these shirts away.
This happy couple had some Playboys that they had just
gotten autographed by some Bunnies over in some tent.  
For weeks, I thought the band "3 Doors Down" was going
to be playing and to my dismay, it turned out to be "Third
Eye Blind".  None the less, they put on a good show AND
they did it without their bass player, who was sick.
While there were many girls sitting on guy's shoulders,  
some skinny little guy decided he needed to hop up onto
a girl's shoulders right in front of me.  A mean little
redneck behind me went ballistic.  He told the guy to get
down, and the guy twisted around showing us his "3EB"
tattoo, thereby indicating he was a super fan and that he
deserved to be seen by the band.   Redneck simply said
he didn't care and that if he didn't get down, he was going
to get knocked down.

He got down.  
This older guy behind me was sitting down during the concert
as he had a bad knee.   He looked like he was a little drunk or
had too much sun.  The medical staff came over and hauled
him away.
The band called for some beer from the audience.
Two Playboy Bunnys and some wannabees?
The B-52's came out next and put on a good show.
The police brought police dogs to the track this year.  I believe this
year is the first time I've seen them do that.   I'm not sure what they're for.

(After the race Sunday, I heard there were 405 arrests and one shooting
in the city over the weekend.  I imagine most were in Speedway and alcohol related.
I broke out and went in search of beer.   The girls walking
around selling beer were gone and I had to trek up to the
Plaza.  2 Fosters oil cans cost me $12.
Notice the policeman and the wrestlers in the background.
Russ                                   Me
Dan's Race Journals
Thursday May 26th  2006 -