I haven't been to the track in over a week since its been
rainy and cold.  The entire 1st weekend of Qualifying was
rained out.  They will try again this weekend.

The weather improved and today we had temperatures
around  70  degrees, lots of sun and a little breeze.  

I came in off of 16th street and was able to park in turn
one like I had hoped.  The old Snake Pit parking lot was
very full.

I grabbed my camera and headed to the garages.
Bicycle is a
method of
getting around
in the garage
Sam Schmidt Motorsports' Panoz gets a fill-up.
Gasoline across the street was $2.79 a gallon
I'm sure gas prices are high at this pump too.  
          Airton Dare - Sam Schmidt Motorsports

Remember Airton?  He is from Bauru Brazil.  I haven't
heard about him in a long time.  I had not heard he had
a ride when I came upon him.
Rookie PJ Chesson getting interviewed
Vision Racing showing off their stainless-steel
multi-media tool box.  Cool, but where's the X-box
Rookie Arie "Slim" Luyendyk Jr getting back to work
I headed out of the garages at Gasoline Alley.  
I was surprised not to see any Alley Cats present.  
I walked over to the F1 Garage stands to take a few pics.
Helio Castroneves - Team Penske
Dario Franchitti - Andretti-Green Racing
Thiago Mederios - PDM Racing
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
(I see they got the fountain going at last)
Bryan Herta - Andretti-Green Racing
Emergency crew in South Short Chute
Vitor Meira - Panther Racing
They're still passing out in turn one...
I hung out in the 1st turn terrace for awhile.  
I ventured up to the museum and bought a $4 track
burger.  Ew.  That was a poor choice.  
The Rally's stand was closed.

4 p.m.  I thought about beating rush-hour traffic.  
It looked like there might be some rain coming,
so I called it a day.  

20 minutes later as I looked over my shoulder, I could
see the rain dumping on Speedway.   The news later
told me it hit at 4:23 p.m. closing practice an hour and
a half early.   I had good timing!
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INDY 500
Wednesday May 17th 2006
Dan's Race Journals