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Buddy Lazier
Dan Wheldon
S. Bourdais
Tomas Scheckter
Indy 500 ~ Practice Day
Tuesday May 10, 2005
Another beautiful sunny day with a few clouds.

They let me park in media parking today.
I'm happy to see that Indy 500 winner Buddy Lazier has
gotten a ride for the 500. Here is his car with partial
sponsorship from Jonathan Byrds Cafateria.
Dan Wheldon had the
fastest time for the day -
226.808 mph!
Newman-Haas' Sebastien Bourdais's car
The 500 Princesess were out and about today.
Tomas Scheckter's platinum paint
looked good in the sun. It is a special
paint for Indy. Tomas' Panther racing
car is usually yellow for Pennzoil.
I guess Pennzoil has a "platinum" oil now.
I was sitting back drinking some beer and not worrying too much about
taking photos today.

I was over at Gasoline Alley when Tony Stewart, from Nascar, went
zooming through twice in a golf cart. Fans yelled at him but he didn't
even slow down. He thinks he's Mr. Bigshot now. He sure hasn't been
doing good in Nascar this year.

Are not tattoos put on by someone repeatedly stabbing you with a needle?
I hear its pretty painful. Today in the stands there was this guy who had
a pretty massive amount of ink on his back. I found it amusing that when
a little bug flew by, he jumped away like a girl.
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