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Indianapolis 500 Practice Day
May 1989
This page was created 8-2-2012
I imagine I took these photos with my Nikon EM.
It was my first single lens reflex camera.

I rarely took a camera with me to the track back
then. When I did, I didn't shoot a ton of photos like
I do with my digital camera.  Film and processing
were expensive.

At first, I thought these photos were from Qualifying,
but the photo below shows the empty Stand J and
NW Vista.  These stands would have been full if this
were a qualifying day back then.
Emerson Fittipaldi's car
Emmo went on to win the 73rd Indy 500.
A.J. Foyt, Jr.'s Car
A.J. finished in 5th place on Race Day
Derek Daly (#10)
leading Randy Lewis (#28)
Mario Andretti would finish in 4th.
He drove for Newman-Haas.
I bet that's Carl Haas driving.
The guy next to Mario looks like Paul Newman, but Paul would have been 64 years old.
Tom Sneva was actually waving at me because I yelled "Hey Tom!"
Partying in the 4th Turn infield
Notice the large P.A. speakers that
were rocking.  

When the "Great Police Crackdown of
the 90s" occurred, cops would be
roving around telling people to turn
their car stereos down!
I walked over to Gasoline Alley...
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