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Belgian Grand Prix at Spa   (Aug 28, 2016)
Italian Grand Prix at Monza  (Sept 4, 2016)
Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji  (Oct 9, 2016)
Singapore GP   (Sept 18, 2016)
Abu Dhabi GP at Yas Island   (Nov 27, 2016)
Formula One
Mexican GP at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez   (Oct 30, 2016)
United States GP at Austin Texas   (Oct 23, 2016)
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Brazilian GP at Interlagos   (Nov 13, 2016)
Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang (October 2, 2016)
German GP at Hockenheimring (July 31, 2016)
Lewis Hamilton looks on while 2nd-place
finisher Daniel Ricciardo drinks
champagne from his own shoe.
I thought it was gross when Nascar started kissing
the track at IMS.  This new trend of drinking out of
your shoe is even grosser.  Why don't they bring
back the tradition of kissing a beautiful girl?
Mercedes Clinched the Constructors Championship
Nico Rosberg, Victoria Vowles (in a
champagne drenched shirt) and Lewis
Lewis Hamilton interviewed on podium
by Juan Montoya
2016 Drivers Champion - Nico Rosberg