2009 Brawn GP - BGP 001  Launch Photos
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This new team was put together March 09.
Ross Brawn bought out the Honda F1 team.
Interestingly, their engine plant is the Mercedes.

With drivers Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button,
they shocked everyone when they were faster in
pre-season testing.

Red Bull, Ferrari and Renault filed a complaint
before the first race, claim the team has illegal
front wings and rear diffusers.  They also cited
Williams and Toyota.  Luckily for those teams, the
FIA stewards decided the cars passed inspection.

The new BGP001 car was initially developed by
Honda Racing F1 under the lead of Ross Brawn.
Brawn signed up for the team after leaving Ferrari
in the hope to get Honda back to the forefront,
rather than running completely at the back. Hence
development started early on and 2008
development was marginal compared to the 2009

When Honda then decided to leave F1, the car was
mostly done but the team could keep on working on
Honda's costs until Brawn eventually took over. By
that time, a deal with Mercedes was done for the
engines. A gearbox was also offered but the team
decided to continue with its in-house carbon fibre
cased solution.