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May 1 - Actor Patrick Dempsey will drive
the Pace Car Corvette in the 91st Indianapolis
500 Mile race.  He is an actor on the show
"Grey's Anatomy".  Dempsey is also a co-
owner of the Vision Racing IndyCar team!  
He also drives in selected sports car races for
Hyper Sport Racing.

With 400 horsepower available, the Corvette
only needed a stobe light and a spoiler from
the Z06 added to be prepared to pace the field
this May.
May 1 - Thanks to Coca-Cola, The 3rd day of Qualifying - Saturday May 19th, admission will be
reduced to only $5!
May 2 - I have heard from a source that the "fly over"
during opening ceremonies at the Indy 500 this month,
is going to be four F-22 Raptors!  Cool.

Be sure and don't blink, or they'll be gone.  (They fly
over during the end of the national anthem I think.  
They come in from the north and fly south along the
front straight.)
May 2 - A.J. Foyt Enterprises has hired 2-time Indy 500 Champion Al Unser Jr. to drive one of their cars in this year's
Indy 500.  Little Al will get another chance to go up against Michael Andretti.
OPENING DAY - Rookie and Refresher Day

May 6 - Seven drivers took to the track today.  Milka
who is new to the IRL, passed her rookie test.  
Phil Giebler made his first appearance, driving for
Playa Del Racing.  Other veteran drivers who needed
some refresher and ran included:  Ryan Briscoe, Davey
Hamilton, Jaques Lazier, Jon Herb and Michael Andretti
who was fastest of the day at 218.871 mph.

This year's lap paraded consisted of the cars
A.J. Foyt
. has won Indy 500 races in.  Foyt was the man of the
day, as he was honored for his 50 years in racing,
interviewed and gave out autographs.
May 5 - Joseph Chirlee won the 31st Indy 500
Mini-Marathon in 1:04:04 hours for the men.  
won the women's race in 1:16:02. Tony
won the wheelchair division with a time of

Some 35,000 people competed on a day when the
humidity climbed to 80%.  4000 volunteers helped
by passing out water along the route.
>>>> DAY 2 - Rookie and Refresher Day <<<<

May 7 - Another sun-drenched day at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway allowed Vision Racing's Davey Hamilton
to acclimate himself to both the 2.5-mile oval and the No. 02 HP Vision Racing Dallara/Honda/Firestone after an accident
six years kept him out of the cockpit, competitively.

Phil Giebler completed the final two phases of the Rookie Orientation Program.  Giebler, driving teammate Jaques
Lazier's No. 21 Playa Del Racing Panoz, quickly completed the final high-speed phases shortly after the track opened for
the day.
10th driver to graduate from the Indy Pro Series to the
Indianapolis 500. "It's just part of the process that we
had to do. It was a little frustrating. As a racing driver,
you always want to go quicker."

Giebler recorded 52 laps on the day with a top speed of
217.091 mph.

Michael Andretti was fastest again today during
practice.  He reached a lap speed of 221.579 mph.
Andretti said, "I was really happy.... It was easy to get
back up to speed, but the comfort just takes some time,
and I'm glad we were able to have this extra day and not
having to worry about other fast cars all over you. Just
to be able to relax and build up to it and build your
confidence up by being out there and running around, it
was really good for me... getting the actual comfort to
where you can just lay your head back and relax, it takes
a few laps... The engine is maybe a tad torquier this year,
but other than that, everything is pretty much the same."
Milka Duno said, "It was good to hit the track again
today. We're getting quicker each time out and also
defining our line more precisely with each lap. I was
flat out many times today and got all the speed out of
the car that it had today. I know the guys will be making
some additional adjustments for tomorrow and we'll get
some more speed. It's all a process and we're making
great progress in line with our plans for each day on the

A total of 34 cars are at the Speedway. Nineteen have
passed technical inspection.
Michael Andretti

May 8 -  Although Dan Wheldon topped 225 mph in
practice today, speeds were relatively fast as soon as
practice began. The first run of the day is usually used to
shake the car down before proceeding at speed but
topped 220 mph when he first took to the
Speedway. All the top drivers on the day's speed chart
were fast right away with
Tomas Scheckter running
221.296 on his third lap.
Scott Dixon was fast out of the
box too, running a lap over 222 mph within 4 laps.

Buddy Rice No. 15 entry is now known as the A1 Team
USA/Dreyer & Reinbold Honda. The partnership was
announced today by A1 Tean USA owner
and Dreyer & Reinbold Racing co-owner
Dennis Reinbold. Weidinger's A1 Team competes
internationally in the A1 GP World Cup. "We are excited
to return to the Indianapolis 500 as a co-entrant with the
Dreyer & Reinbold Racing team," Weidlinger said.
Weidlinger was involved with the Dreyer & Reinbold
driven by
Al Unser Jr. in the 2006 Indianapolis 500.
First Crash of the Year - John Herb spun and hit the wall in T2.
He came in too low.  He said new wing adjustments were at fault.
<<<< DAY 4 - Open Practice >>>>

May 9 - The speedway had rain dumped on it today, but a
lot of people were able to practice late in the afternoon
after the track was dried.

Al Unser Jr. was the first of Foyt Racing's cars to hit the
track Tuesday, but he ran the slowest of the 25 drivers
with a fast lap of 206.930. Unser still must complete his
refresher course.

The Indianaplolis Ice hockey team was at the speedway

A total of 40 cars are at the Speedway. Thirty-nine have
passed technical inspection.
Jaques Lazier's car is sponsored by an Ice Hockey team.
May 9 - Indy Pro Series driver Tom Wood sustained a compression fracture in his back during a private test at The
Milwaukee Mile on May 8. Wood is being transported to Indianapolis today and will be attended to by
Dr. Terry
Earlier today, Danica Patrick discussed a potential prank played on her by
her Andretti Green Racing teammates, a group known to initiate new team-
mates through various pranks.

QUESTION: We have heard stories from your teammates about the pranks
and things, I think Tony's bike got chopped up; have they messed with you

DANICA PATRICK: It was funny, this morning -- last night, I was getting
on my bike to ride back to my coach, and my tire was flat. I'm like, God,
that's the first thing they have done. They gave me a flat tire. So I went in
and had it pumped up and rode off and then I had to run back to grab my
phone. So I'm riding back, I'm like, this thing is still flat, what the heck.
There's a hole, oh, my gosh.

So this morning I see Marco and I say: "So I got a flat tire on my bike, I
filled it up and went flat again, and at that point I thought, you probably
didn't do it." He goes, "No, we'll do something way worse than that."

You guys out there I'm sure have ideas of what they can do. I try not to
imagine it. They keep telling me they want to shave my head when I win.
(Laughter) See, this right here (indicating hair) has got to be six years' worth
of work for me grooming and combing. I'm going to have wear a helmet for
a few years."

May 10 - We had beautiful weather at the track today as drivers continued practicing and
tuning their cars for the upcoming qualifications.

Today was
Helio Castroneve's birthday, but he doesn't look any older.  Or slower.

Ed Carpenter has added sponsorship from Hitachi.  Today they gifted him a bunch of power
tools, which are on display in the garage area.   Ed lives near the speedway and he and his
friends rehab houses, so he has a real use for these tools.

Sam Hornish Jr. held the fastest lap most of the day, but was eclipsed at the end of the day
by many drivers.  
Scott Dixon of Target Chip Ganassi Racing was quickest, followed by
Danica Patrick of Andretti Green Racing.

Patrick said it was difficult to get a clean lap without a tow with more than a half-dozen cars
on the track late in the day. She plans to use the six hours of practice May 11 to fine-tune the
No. 8 Motorola car.

"You're probably going to see times drop and speeds go up throughout the day just because
you're going to see rubber going down on the track," she said. "It's supposed to be a little
cooler, which is better for horsepower and should be more downforce so people will be
trimming out some more. You're going to see guns loaded on a Friday before Pole Day.
We'll be no different."

Check out my photos from today at Dan's Race Journals.
more than bragging rights
by being the fastest driver
of the day.
IMS President Tony George and Chip Ganassi
Happy Birthday Helio!
May 10 - Times are strange.  AJ Foyt IV isn't driving for grandpa this year, and now Little E says he's ducking out on
DEI next year.  Apparently he wants Teresa to back off and let him run the show.
<<<<  DAY 6 - Fast Friday >>>>

May 11 - Drivers took to the track today to prepare for first day of qualifying tomorrow.  
The weather was dry and pleasant.  A total of 28 drivers have turned 4,444 laps in
practice this week, for a total of 11,110 miles, and all 28 were on track at some time
today, with 13 drivers posting their fastest speeds of the week. This year's field of
hopefuls includes six former "500" race winners and two rookies looking to make their
first Indy start. In the only incident of the day, rookie
Milka Duno spun and crashed
exiting Turn 1, but escaped serious injury.  This surprised me because she did not
glance off the wall, but the rear of her car made solid contact with the wall, albeit into
the safety barrier which is built into the outside corner walls.

Ganassi drivers were fastest today, followed by Andretti Green and Penske drivers.  
Vision Racing's Ed Carpenter snuck into the top 10 with the 6th fastest lap of the day.

Rock band Saliva played a rock concert at the end of the day.  Lead singer Josey Scott
got to wave the flag and got a lap around the track from Johnny Rutherford.  When
asked how fast he was going to go, Rutherford replied "I'm going to blow the paint
right out of his hair."
Today's Photos by Brian Wheeler

May 12 - Dario Franchitti was fastest in qualifying early in the day and he held onto it all afternoon.  That is until Helio
Castroneves came out onto the track at 5:55 pm, after track conditions had cooled, and knocked him off pole position.  
Pole position pays $100,000.  

After Castroneves, Tony Kanaan had time to make another attempt and he pushed Franchitti back to 3rd, but missed taking
the pole by a hair.   It was also a nerve racking day for Michael Andretti, who was sitting around waiting to be bumped off the
11-position grid in the closing hours.  However, he did not get knocked off.  

The remaining drivers will try to qualify for the next 11 positions tomorrow during the 2nd Day of Qualifying.

Drivers who tried to qualify today and failed: Jeff Simmons, Ed Carpenter, Scott Sharp, Kosuke Matsuura, Buddy Rice,
A.J. Foyt IV., Darren Manning
#3 Helio Castroneves
225.817 mph
Penske Racing
#11 Tony Kanaan
225.757 mph
Andretti Green Racing
#27 Dario Franchitti
225.191 mph
Andretti Green
#9 Scott Dixon
225.122 mph
Ganassi Racing
#6 Sam Hornish Jr.
225.109 mph
Penske Racing
#10 Dan Wheldon
224.641 mph
Ganassi Racing
#12 Ryan Briscoe
224.410 mph
Luczo Dragon Racing
#7 Danica Patrick
224.076 mph
Andretti Green Racing
#26 Marco Andretti
223.299 mph
Andretti Green
#2 Tomas Scheckter
222.877 mph
Vision Racing
#39 Michael Andretti
222.789 mph
Andretti Green Racing
Milka Duno, Sarah Fisher, Lyn St. James, Billy Jean
King, Danica Patrick pose.  King was the official starter
#8 Scott Sharp
223.875 mph
Rahal Letterman Racing
#17 Jeff Simmons
223.693 mph
Rahal Letterman Racing
#20 Ed Carpenter
223.495 mph
Vision Racing
#14 Darren Manning
223.471 mph
AJ Foyt Racing
#15 Buddy Rice
222.862 mph
Dreyer & Reinbold
#55 Kosuke Matsuura
222.595 mph
Super Aguri Panther
#22 AJ Foyt IV
222.413 mph
Vision Racing
#4 Vitor Meira
222.333 mph
Delphi Panther Racing
#02 Davey Hamilton
222.327 mph
Vision Racing
#5 Sarah Fisher
221.960 mph
Dreyer & Reinbold
#99 Buddy Lazier
221.380 mph
Sam Schmidt Motorsport
Check out my photos from today at Dan's Race Journals.
Positions 1 - 11
Positions 12-22
Starting Front Row for Race Day
Scott Sharp is in Margaritaville
"Sports cars require concentration and they are fast, but
you have a little margin (for error)," she said, holding up
her fingers to show the margin available. "The IndyCars
offer no margin, and you have to concentrate so hard.
You can make a slight mistake on a road course, but not
with these cars."

The well-educated driver completed more than 140 laps
before she suffered the wall-banger. Her fastest lap to date
has been 219.843 miles per hour. "The accident happened
so quickly and so fast," she stated. "You have no time to
react, and you don't even know how it happened."
<<<< DAY 9 - Practice >>>>

(May 16) - John Andretti was confirmed today as the driver of the third
car at Panther Racing. Andretti's No. 33 will be sponsored by Camping
World and After passing technical inspection the No. 33 was
taken to pit lane where Vitor Meira climbed aboard. Meira spent the
afternoon in the No. 33 turning 38 laps. Andretti is expected to complete
the last two phases of the refresher/orientation program when the track
opens for practice on Thursday.

Roger Yasukawa will drive the No. 24 Wellman Corbier/Dreyer &
Reinbold Racing entry. The car had been entered as Sarah Fisher's
backup car.

Jimmy Kite has been tabbed as the driver of the No. 18 PDM Racing
entry. In his first appearance on track, Kite turned 15 laps before hitting
the Turn 1 wall. "I'm fine," said Kite. "I wasn't going fast enough to hit
anything that hard. We were just shaking the car down." Kite was
checked and released from the Clarian Emergency Medical Center. He
is cleared to drive.

The No. 40 driven by
P.J. Jones was rolled onto pit lane for the first
time this month. Entered by Team Leader Motorsports, the No. 40
Dallara will carry the same number and color scheme as the historic
Pratt and Whitney Turbine driven by Parnelli Jones 40 years ago.
All five Andretti Green Racing drivers are scheduled to attend a breakfast benefiting the Michael Andretti Foundation
on May 23 in the team's hospitality area at the Speedway. In addition to spending time with Michael and Marco
Andretti, Tony Kanaan, Dario Franchitti and Danica Patrick, attendees will be able to tour the Andretti Green Racing
garage area. Tickets are $100 and can be obtained by calling (610) 365-0500.
Roger Yasukawa
John Andretti
<<<< DAY 10 - Practice >>>>

(May 17) - Cooler temperatures continued today.  Stephan
was planning to qualify this weekend for the Indy
500, however an accident has put him out of contension.   
He spun out coming off the first turn and slammed backward
into the wall.  He appeared unhurt as he walked away from
the wreck, but he went to Methodist Hospital where he was
diagnosed with an endplate fracture of the third thoracic
vertebrae. Chastain Motorsport, said that he will not be
racing in the Indy 500.  There's a chance they could get a
car qualified this weekend with another driver.

Milka Duno, who also hit the wall hard backwards, has had
a hard time regaining her speed during the last two practice
days.   She was running under 170 yesterday, but got up to
211 mph today.

None of the Andretti Green Racing cars were on the track
Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation's "Racing to Recovery" Gala raised nearly $300,000 on
May 14 at Eddie Merlot's in Indianapolis.

Al Speyer of Bridgestone/Firestone received the "Partner for a Cure" award for his
generosity and support towards the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation. The Sam Schmidt
Paralysis Foundation's Legendary Driver Award was given to four-time Indianapolis 500
champion Al Unser.

Other Indianapolis 500 personalities attending the event included: Al Unser Jr., Danica
Patrick, Buddy Lazier, Jaques Lazier, Jimmy Kite, Kim Green, the Hulman-George family,
Roger Bailey, Brian Barnhart, Logan Gomez, Alex Lloyd, Jonathan Klein, Chris Festa, Arie
Luyendyk Jr., Jon Herb, Robbie Buhl and Marty Roth.
Stefan Gregoire suffered a back injury
in a crash today at the Speedway.
<<<<  DAY 11 - Practice >>>>

(May 18) - Panther Racing's John Andretti was the fastest among drivers who have not yet
qualified for the 33-car field. Andretti's top lap was 222.830 mph.

Roger Yasukawa, Marty Roth, rookie Phil Giebler, two-time "500" winner Al Unser Jr. and Jon
Herb also were non-qualified drivers who turned laps faster than 220 mph.

Stephan  to replace him.  Moreno will need to do a refresher course so he really needs to hurry
if he's going to

(May 18) - It was a cloudless sunny day with moderate temperatures.

Dario Franchitti's birthday was today.  As he was getting interviewed on tv
today, all of his teammates ran out and hit him with chocolate cream pies!

Parnelli Jones, 73, hopped in his son's IndyCar and made some laps.

Roberto Moreno, who hasn't been in an IRL car since 1999, qualified  
today at 216.229 mph.  He said he used a car with a race setup, just to get
it into the field incase of a rainout tomorrow.  

Phil Giebler crashed today during his qualifying run.  His team will have
to hustle to get the car fixed in time for the last day of qualifying tomorrow.

Jimmy Kite came out last and had the slowest speed - 214.528 mph.  
Kite's team chose #18, in honor of Peyton Manning, the Super Bowl
Champion Indianapolis Colt's quarterback.  

Jaques Lazier's car has logos on the wing of the NBA Indiana Pacers and
the WNBA Indiana Fever.  His main sponsor is the Indiana Ice hockey

Richie Hearn is back and going to try and qualify the #91 tomorrow.

AJ Foyt Jr said he does not plan to roll a third car out of his stable
tomorrow... unless someone qualifies who he does not like.  I'm think he's
referring to Arie Luyendyk.
#24 Roger Yasukawa
222.654 mph
Dreyer & Reinbold
#33 John Andretti
221.756 mph
Panther Racing
#50 Al Unser Jr.
220.876 mph
AJ Foyt Racing
#98 Alex Barron
220.471 mph
Beck Motorsport
#19 Jon Herb
220.108 mph
Racing Professionals
#21 Jaques Lazier
219.409 mph
Playa Del Racing
#23 Milka Duno
219.228 mph
Samax Racing
#25 Marty Roth
218.992 mph
Roth Racing
#77 Roberto Moreno
216.228 mph
Chastain Motorsport
#18 Jimmy Kite
214.528 mph
PDM Racing
Positions 23-33
Danielle Sylvester
Ed Carpenter got a new sponsor
this month.  

Here are his new colors.
The Lazier Brothers
often race against
each other at the
Indy 500.  

Buddy won the race
in 1996 with a
broken back!

Their dad Bob also
raced at Indy in
P.J. Jones and Parnelli Jones.

PJ was unable to qualify this year.
The Andrettis - Only Mario ever won the 500, in 1969.
Cousin John is in the show this year too.
The Al Unsers - Senior won 4 times, Junior Twice.  Brother Bobby has won too.
The Foyts

AJ is a 4 time Indy 500 winner.

Larry Foyt is a manager for Foyt Racing.

AJ Foyt IV is racing for Vision Racing
this year.
                <<<< DAY 13 - Bump Day >>>>

The field of 33 starters is set for the 91st running of the Indianapolis 500 on May 27.
Bump Day, the fourth and final day of qualifying for the Indianapolis 500, began with
one open position in the field of 33. Four qualification attempts were made today, adding
two drivers to the field and removing one.

Richie Hearn filled the field after making the first qualifying run of the day.

Roberto Moreno qualified again today, going 4 mph faster than yesterday.

Phil Giebler qualified and bumped Jimmy Kite in the PDM car.

PDM let
PJ Jones down too, who was unable to qualify.

* The oldest qualifier is
Marty Roth, 48. The youngest qualifier is Marco Andretti, 20.

* There are 30 Dallara chassis and 3 Panoz chassis in the field

* There are seven graduates of the Indy Pro Series in the field, the most graduates in the
field ever. The seven graduates are: Marco Andretti, Ed Carpenter, A.J. Foyt IV, Phil
Giebler, Jon Herb, Marty Roth, Jeff Simmons.

* This is the seventh-closest matched field by time Indianapolis 500 history as 5.0207
seconds separate fastest qualifier Helio Castroneves and slowest qualifier Marty Roth.
The record is 3.2422 seconds in 2001.

* Thirteen drivers who were not in the 90th Indianapolis 500 qualified for the 91st
Indianapolis 500.
including Baron be running its #12 Symantec Dallara/Honda, IndyCar® Series car
for charity in the 91st Indianapolis 500, it was announced today.

The Luczo Dragon Racing team will donate more than half of its racing profits to
the charities selected by the champion celebrities.

Other participating sports and music personalities are Marcus Allen, Jackson
Browne, Brandi Chastain, Ronnie Lott, Jonny Moseley, Chris Mullin, Kerri Walsh
and Kristi Yamaguchi. Combined they have won nine Super Bowls, nine Olympic
Gold Medals, four Stanley Cups, two Super Bowl MVPs, one Heisman Trophy
and one World Cup.

"We have focused our efforts on supporting people and spearheading projects that
are tied to socially relevant issues," said Steve Luczo, co-owner of Luczo Dragon
Racing and Chairman of the Board for Seagate Technology. "We thought
partnering with these great champions on one of the most prestigious stages in all
of sports, the Indianapolis 500, was a wonderful opportunity to generate much
needed money and awareness for several outstanding charitable organizations and
their causes. We are excited for the race."

Luczo Dragon Racing has guaranteed at least $250,000 for the charities no matter
how the car finishes. The benefiting charities will be All Stars Helping Kids, Friends
of Washington Prep, Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative, Team Play L.A. Stars,
Jackson Community College Foundation -- Wilbur Dungy Endowment, Fisher
House of Colorado, Wayne Gretzky Foundation, Northern California Special
Olympics, Chase the Stars Foundation and the Always Dream Foundation.

Luczo and co-owner Jay Penske have assembled an experienced race team,
including driver
Ryan Briscoe, who has qualified seventh. Briscoe finished 10th in
the 2005 Indy 500.
Ryan Briscoe
Roberto Moreno
Lazier congratulates Giebler
Old Foes
(May 22) - Ex-heavy-weight boxing
champion and hamburger cooker,
George Foreman, has become a part
owner in Panther Racing.  Foreman's
sons also participate in their father's
marketing company.

Foreman said "Hi, my name is George
and this is my son George and my
other son George.

(Left: Foreman with Vitor Meira)
(May 22) - Mistakes can be costly!  An inexperienced team member on the
Dreyer Reinbold Racing team poured a gallon of old methanol into one of the
cars last weekend.  The cars run on 100% Ethanol this year.

The IRL fined the team $25,000 and Honda is expected to bill them $70-$100k
for damage to the Honda engine.  I'd hate to be the team member that did that!
AJ Foyt's Winning Cars
Danica Patrick
May 25 - (Carb Day) A huge crowd turned out for the final IndyCar Practice
before the Indy 500  today.  
Tony Kanaan was fastest.

Helio Castroneves won the Pit Stop Competition, defeating his teammate Sam
Hornish Jr. in the championship round. His pit crew received the $50,000 first
prize for its speed and accuracy.

Alex Lloyd, driving for Sam Schmidt Motorsport, won the Freedom 100.  The
young Brit has won every Indy Pro race this year!

Kid Rock drew an unprecedented crowd to the Carb Day Concert.
Crash Details
May 8
Jon Herb
Spun in T2. hit outside wall, sore foot
May 11
Milka Duno
Spun in T1, hit outside wall hard, shes ok
May 16
Jimmy Kite
Spun in T1, hit outside wall, he's ok
May 17
Stefan Gregoire
Backed into wall, injured and out
May 18
Phil Giebler
Wrecked during qualifying.  He's ok
Fastest Driver
of the Day
May 6
Michael Andretti
218.874 mph
May 7
Michael Andretti
221.579 mph
May 8
Dan Wheldon
225.074 mph
May 9
Dan Wheldon
226.391 mph
May 10
Scott Dixon
226.473 mph
May 11
Scott Dixon
227.167 mph
May 12
Tony Kanaan
226.827 mph
May 13
Scott Sharp
224.214 mph
May 16
Danica Patrick
221.189 mph
May 17
Scott Dixon
219.985 mph
May 18
Sam Hornish Jr
225.006 mph
May 19
Dan Wheldon
224.895 mph
May 20
Dan Wheldon
222.797 mph
May 25
Tony Kanaan
225.467 mph
Fastest Practice Times in May at IMS
May 27 - There was a big rain this morning, but the Indy 500
would start on time at 1pm.   Jim Nabors, who sings "Back
Home Again",  was absent for the first time in decades, due to

The rain returned, but after the Indycars were past the half-
way point of the race.  If unable to restart the race later in the
day, the finishing order would be:
Winner -
Tony Kanaan
2nd place - Danica Patrick
3rd place - Marco Andretti

The rain stopped, the track was dried, people filtered back into
the stands, and the race was restarted three hours after it was

There was a big wreck on the back straight that sent
's car into the air and upside down.   Many of the
one-off teams crashed during the day, including rookie

Tony Kanaan drove miraculously after another driver's smash
into the outside wall sent Kanaan flying toward the pit entrance
wall.  With some wiggles, gas and brake, he righted the car
with no contact with the wall, and continued into the pit lane.  

The rain returned and the race was called at lap 166.  
was 2nd and Dario Franchitti won the 91st
Indianapolis 500.
Kanaan Keeps It Off The Wall!
Richard Petty finally visits the Indy 500
Rahal Letterman Racing has struggled,
but finished in 6th & 11th
Milka Duno's crash on lap 65
John Andretti's wreck on lap 95
Jaques Lazier  out on lap 155
Photos of Indy 500 Champion Dario Franchitti
The Winning Andretti Green Racing Car
Helpful Links:

1. #15 Buddy Rice
2. #9 Scott Dixon
3. #16 TBD
4. #12 Ryan Briscoe
5. #8 Scott Sharp
6. #77T Stephan Gregoire
7. #10 Dan Wheldon
8. #17T Jeff Simmons
9. #23T Milka Duno
10. #21T Jaques Lazier
11. #20 Ed Carpenter
12. #13 TBD
13. #3T Helio Castroneves
14. #40 PJ Jones
15. #22T A.J. Foyt IV
16. #02 Davey Hamilton
17. #12T Ryan Briscoe
18. #20T Ed Carpenter
19. #18 Jimmy Kite
20. #99T Buddy Lazier
21. #77 Stephan Gregoire
22. #18T Jimmy Kite
23. #23 Milka Duno
24. #16T TBD
25. #31 Phil Giebler
26. #22 A.J. Foyt IV
27. #55 Kosuke Matsuura
28. #41T TBD
29. #21 Jaques Lazier
30. #99 Buddy Lazier
31. #4T Vitor Meira
32. #7 Danica Patrick
33. #98 TBD
34. #19 Jon Herb
35. #9T Scott Dixon
36. #27T Dario Franchitti
37. #91 TBD
38. #2T Tomas Scheckter
39. #4 Vitor Meira
40. #43 TBD
41. #14 Darren Manning
42. #26T Marco Andretti
43. #15T Buddy Rice
44. #10T Dan Wheldon
45. #55T Kosuke Matsuura
46. #11 Tony Kanaan
47. #27 Dario Franchitti
48. #8T Scott Sharp
49. #14T Darren Manning
50. #2 Tomas Scheckter
51. #5T Sarah Fisher
52. #39 Michael Andretti
53. #50 Al Unser Jr.
54. #6T Sam Hornish Jr.
55. #19T Jon Herb
56. #25 Marty Roth
57. #11T Tony Kanaan
58. #3 Helio Castroneves
59. #50T Al Unser Jr.
60. #17 Jeff Simmons
61. #41 TBD
62. #39T Michael Andretti
63. #02T Davey Hamilton
64. #26 Marco Andretti
65. #5 Sarah Fisher
66. #6 Sam Hornish Jr.
67. #7T Danica Patrick