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Cool Concept Cars
2006 Wallpaper Catagories:
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2011 BMW Connected Drive
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
2011 Chevrolet Miray
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
2011 Jaguar Growler
1920-1281)  (1280x854)
2008 Italdesign Giugiaro Quaranta
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
2010 Jaguar C-X75
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
2007 Lotus Concept
1920x1440)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
2010 Mazda Shinaria
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
2011 Cadillac Ciel
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280 x 960)
2011 BMW 328 Homage
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)   (1280 x 960)
2010 Citroen Survolt
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
MazdaSpeed 2055
1920x1200)  (1680x1050)  (1280x800)
2012 Morgan EVA GT
1600x1200)  (1280x960)
Peugeot 4002
1600x1200)  (1024x768)
Peugeot 4002
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)
Porsche 918 Spyder
1920x1200)  (1680x1050)  (1440x900)  
2011 Saab PhoeniX
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
2011 Wiesmann Spyder
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
Teewave AR.1 Electric Car
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
2010 Renault DeZir
1680x1050)  (1600x1200)  (1280x960)
This concept pays
homage to the 1940
BMW 328 on its 75th
GM Korea introduced
the Chevrolet Miray
Concept at the 2011
Seoul Motor Show.

"'Miray' is Korean for
To celebrate their 75th
anniversary, Jaguar
developed this
stunning twin-turbine
electric coupe concept.
Famed designer
Gordon Murray
developed this one-off
for Toray Industries, a
Japanese supplier that
specializes in
Weighing only 1,878
lbs, the AR.1's rear
wheels are powered by
a 63 hp electric motor.
Lotus built this 1:5
scale model to
celebrate Hot Wheel's
40th anniversary.
The Shinaria is a 4-
door, 4-seat, sports
coupe and a pure
expression of Mazda's
new design theme, ’
KODO - Soul of

The car was designed
in Germany, Japan and
the USA.
This concept is the first
work of Renault’s new
chief designer, Laurent
van den Acker, and
represents a mid-
engined, gullwing
electric coupe.
Wiesmann, a small
German manufacturer,
hopes to bring their
2-seater light-weight
roadster concept into