Tips & General Info for Visitors
State Sales Tax is 7%
Ticket Scalping is Legal
Alcohol Laws
You must be 21 to buy alcohol.
The legal BAC limit for driving is .08%
Bars can serve alcohol until 3 a.m. if they wish.
We have liquor stores everywhere and good prices.
Only liquor stores sell cold beer
State Lottery
Off Track Betting -
Nearby towns of Anderson and Shelbyville have horse tracks and casinos.
There is riverboat gambling on the rivers surrounding the State.
Try down at Evansville or Lawrencburg or up north by Gary and
Links to Indiana Gambling
Driving & Parking
Indianapolis is referred to as the Crossroads of America because it is
intersected by more segments of interstate highway than any other
metropolitan area.  More than half of the nation's population lives within a
day's drive of Indianapolis.
The speed limit on Interstates outside of the city is 65 or 70 MPH.
The speed limit on the highways within Indianapolis is 55 MPH.
People usually drive 60-70 MPH on the 55 mph city highways.
Keep it under 70 mph and you probably will not get ticketed.

Lowest Speeding tickets in Indy usually range from $100-$200.
Speeding Tickets Cost Increase at these iintervals:
1-15 mph over the speed limit
16-25 mph
You can turn right on a red light unless otherwise posted.
Beware, the police sometimes patrol in plain cars or SUV's.
Hotel Room tax is 18%  
Restaurant tax is 9%,
Car Rental tax is 17%  (Surrounding counties have lower taxes.)
Individuals can buy or sell  tickets to sporting events, concerts, etc.
You can smoke in casinos.
You cannot smoke in restaurants and bars in Indianapolis.
Some places have an outdoor area in which you can smoke.  
There is a town inside Indy called Beech Grove (SE side).
They have numerous bars and you can smoke in all of them.
Monument Circle is in the very center of the city.  It is a brick-paved round-about where the
cross streets are Meridian St and Market St.
 It is often simply called, "the circle".
The Soldiers and Sailors Monument, at the heart of the circle, is 284 feet tall - just 17 feet shorter
than the Statue of Liberty.
City Size & Demographics
361 Square Miles, making Indy the 12th largest city in the U.S.
2010 - Single family average home price is $120,600
2015-2019 - Single family average home price is $137,000
2015-2019 - Median gross rent $892
Rules for avoiding crime in Indy is similar to other cities.

Use common sense to avoid crime, such as:

*  Lock your doors.  
*  Don't leave valuables in your car.
*  Stay aware of your surroundings.  
*  Stay out of sketchy areas.
*  Don't walk around by yourself at night.

Indianapolis Crime Statistics
Monument Circle
This area is why one of Indianapolis' nicknames is "The Circle City".
The circle is occasionally blocked to traffic for various festivals.
The Indiana Symphony's theater is on the circle.
People can visit the Civil War museum in the basement, or take an elevator to the top of the statue.
Lights are hung up on the monument during Christmas.
2007-2014 Median Income was $42,704.
61.8% White
27.5% Black  
9.4% Hispanic
2.1% Asian
2010 - 57% own
2020 - 53.1% own
Warm beer, wine, liquor may be purchased at grocery stores, etc.
Street parking is free after 9pm.  
Parking Meters - Instead of putting coins in a meter, you will see a sign in
front of your parking spot with a number.  Find the nearby Parking Payment
Box and pay there using that number.  You can use cash or credit card.
Happy Hour is illegal.  However, bars are allowed to have an all-day drink
There are 19 stars because Indiana
was the 19th  state in the union.

The torch represents liberty and enlightenment
Indiana prohibits all forms of marijuana except CBD oil.  

Any amount can get a first time offender 6 month in jail and a $1000 fine.

A joint can get a person with a prior drug offense 1 year in jail and a fine
of $5,000.

More than an ounce, or selling to a minor, is a felony punishable by 1-6
years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

Sep 30, 2019 - Indianapolis Prosecutor announced he will no longer
prosecute those caught with less than an ounce of marijuana. This means
that police MIGHT just confiscate it and not arrest you if that is the only
law you broke - it is up to the officer. This is ONLY in Indianapolis,
not the rest of the state.  This policy could disappear at any time.
On July 1, 2022, the State of Indiana will no longer require a handgun
permit to legally carry, conceal or transport a handgun within the state.

Owners of private property have the right to determine whether firearms
are permitted on their property.

No license
has ever been required to carry a rifle or shotgun in public.
Indiana Gun Laws
April 2019 - Indiana legalized sports gambling - both pro and college
There  is a $500 fine for holding your cell phone when driving or
for throwing a cigarette butt out the window.
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Laws & Taxes
Our Flags
60.9% White
28.6% Black
10.5% Hispanic
3.4% Asian
Indianapolis (2020 Census)
Marion County (2010 Census)
52.5% White
?           268,694 Black
13.2%   129,286 Hispanic
4.1%       40,062 Asian
6.48 million

84.3% White
6% Hispanic
6.79 million

77.2% White
9.6% Black
8.2% Hispanic
Bi-racial population increased by 240% from 2010
Asian population increased by 63.9% from 2010
Total Population:
62% White
?      240,975 Black
9.3%  84,467 Hispanic
?        18,311 Asian
Indianapolis (2010 Census)
Marion County (2020 Census)
2015-2019 Median income was $47,873.
There are no fees or deposits on cans and bottles.
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