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U.S. Grand Prix Qualifying
Saturday June 16th 2007
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It was a hot sunny day in Indianapolis.

E.T. and I parked in the 3rd turn infield.

We walked around to the outside to the NW Vista
and climbed to the top.   We managed to find a seat
in the 2nd from top row.  We found a miniscule of
shade there underneath the deck.  The people in the
top row had it made.  There was also a nice strong
breeze most of the time, which was very welcome.

From there we watched F1 Qualifying.
There was some shade under the NW Vista Deck.
Turn 6
Turn 1
Viewing Hill

All photos on this page, except this
one, was taken from NW Vista,
Section 2, Row QQ
I took my new Nikon D80 to the track for the first time.  
I needed a bigger zoom than the 135 mm I had.
After Qualifying, we watched a Porsche race.  These guys had a lot of trouble at turn 1.
The Start!
Porsche GT3
One of the Porsches would overshoot the 1st turn.  He flew by the
secondary entrance and the next thing he knows, he's about to have
a head-on collision with some firetrucks, so he swerves from the
Indy 500 pit lane, over to the track, and proceeds to get on the gas!
Well right up ahead in the short chute, track vehicles were parked
so as to totally block his path.  He had to slam on his brakes and do a
180.  Then he comes back the opposite way, misses the secondary
entrance again and is heading for Turn 1 as cars approach from the
opposite direction!  I couldn't believe it!  This guy just about had 3
head-on collisions within 13 seconds.  He made his way back onto the
track and kept going.  At any rate, I dropped my new beer and the
burger flew out of my bun!   That got a laugh.
The final event of the day was an Indy Pro
Series race - The Freedom 100.
One of the Indy Pro drivers also had a
problem at turn 1.