September 2010
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Motegi Angels
Sep 3 - The Twin Ring Motegi circuit's Web Site is in Japanese.
Still, I figured out they like cartoon characters and their pit girls
all have the same hair stylist.  What is up with the auburn hair?
IndyCar will be racing there Sept 19th.
Ferrari Sinks To New Low
Sep 9 - There is no "i" in team.  It's not who wins, its how you
play the game.  All nice sayings, but when you start dealing with
mulitple millions of dollars, all these noble sentiments seem to
get thrown out the sports window.

The latest example comes from the Ferrari F1 team.  After
issuing team orders to
Felipe Massa to let Fernando Alonso
by at the Hockenheim, Ferrari is facing a big fine for issuing
orders to control the winner.   So, do they 'fess up and admit
it?  No.  They completely throw their own driver under the bus
and issue a lame explanation.

Wednesday they went before the World Motor Sport Council's
disciplinary sitting in Paris on the charge that they imposed an
illegal team order that deprived Massa of the German GP

Ferrari argued that Massa decided to let Alonso pass him for
the race lead because the Brazilian was angry.  They claimed
they told Massa that he was slower than Alonso to motivate
him.  But instead it angered him and so he decided to slow

What?!  What kind of driver would slow down when he gets
angry, especially as he's leading the race?

Well, if the council buys that, I have a bridge to sell them.
Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso
on the podium at Hockenheim
Poor Felipe.  His team takes his win away,
then has the gall to blame it on him.
2011 IndyCar Schedule Announced
Sep 12 - The IRL announced a tentative schedule for next
year's IndyCar series.  (
Click Here to View Schedule)

There will be 17 races. Nine are on road courses or street
circuits and eight are on ovals.

IndyCar will return to Milwaukee and  New Hampshire and a new
street circuit has been added in Baltimore.
Apparently the IRL will not be racing at Chicagoland, Kansas,
Homestead or Watkins Glen next year.

The season ending race has yet to be announced.  It might be
one of the above races or Las Vegas.
Mutoh's Father Attends First Race
Sep 17 - IndyCar is racing in Japan this weekend.  The father of
Hideki Mutoh will be attending.  He has never been able
to attend an IRL race before due to his work schedule.  
has to be at the Tsukiji Market to inspect the fresh
catch -- from seaweed to caviar -- available for auction two
hours later.

Mutoh, a graduate of the Honda Formula Dream Project, moved
to North America in 2007 to compete in Indy Lights. He finished
2nd in the championship and was named Rookie of the Year.
Mutoh also made his IndyCar debut in the late-season race at
Chicagoland Speedway. More awards were bestowed in 2008
after seven top-10 finishes.

Someday Hideki will have to replace his father, but for the past
15 years he's received his father's blessing to chase his dream.

"Someday I have to run the fish market because this is
generational and cultural," Hideki said. "I think my dad
understands because racing was what I really wanted to do. He
could have easily said 'No, you have to sell fish.' But he
released me from that kind of culture, and I'm sure he had a
very hard time because grandpa was pushing him, 'Oh, what's
your son doing?'

"I really appreciate my dad. He gave me everything. We are not
rich people, so at the beginning we struggled to find money to
race. I have no words for my dad. He's an old style of Japanese
man, but he let me go racing. He doesn't watch the races when
people are around him, but he just watches the races on DVD
quietly when he's at home with no one around. He never talks
much about racing, but at the same point he never stopped me.
It's understood, his support. He doesn't have to say much."
Mutoh is driving for Newman/Haas Racing
It's A Boy!
Sep 18 - A.J. Foyt IV and his wife Casey Irsay Foyt had their
first baby today.   He weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz and measured 20
inches. They named him
Anthony Joseph Foyt V naturally.

The newest A.J. is the great-grandson of four-time Indianapolis
500 winner
A.J. Foyt Jr. and the grandson of A.J. Foyt III,
whom family and friends refer to as "Tony." His dad, A.J. IV, is
now a scouting assistant for the Indianapolis Colts.