September 2009
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Indy Speedway Centennial
Sept 4 - The speedway has been celebrating their 100 years for awhile now, as the speedway opened in 2009, but I haven't talked much
about it because I'm waiting on 2011 which marks 100 years since the first Indy 500.  Anyway, here is the centennial era Camaro.  You can
enter to win a chance to win one from Chevrolet at
this website.
Grand-Am Tests at IMS
Sep 11 - Some teams from the Grand-Am series tested out
the road course at IMS yesterday.  Five Daytona Prototype
cars and four GT touring cars participated in a pair of
two-hour blocks in the first full-scale test of such machines.
The drivers used both circuits -- ones used by Formula
One and MotoGP -- but they liked the F-1 layout better
because it utilizes the first turn of the oval track and thus is
faster.  In both sessions, the cars were traveling clockwise,
the opposite direction of the oval events.

Perhaps the series will race here one day.  Race fans
showed up to watch from the south end of the infield.
2010 IndyCar Schedule Released
Sep 4 - The new schedule waves goodbye to Richmond,
Milwaukee and Detroit and says hello to Brazil and Alabama.

3 Street courses, 1 airport, 4 road courses and 8 ovals make
up the 16 race schedule.  View Schedule
Whatever Happened to Ralf Schumacher?
Sep 13 - The brother of Michael Schumacher lost his Toyota
F1 drive in 2007.  I just found out he is racing in a German
series called DTM (
Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) The
series races around Europe using Audi and Mercedes touring
cars powered by 470 HP V8 engines.  

While reading about DTM, I discovered a pretty girl racer
Susie Stoddart.  Check out her photos HERE.
Fisi Fills In For Massa At Ferrari
Sep 4 - Giancarlo Fisichella must be the happiest guy in
Formula One these days, his life-time ambition has been
fulfilled, he has won a contract to race the last five races of the
season for the legendary Ferrari team. And the timing couldn't
be better: an Italian will race an Italian car in the Italian Grand
Prix at Monza. It will be a boost for the Ferrari team, but also for
the Italian tifosi. after 13 years he will now race for his beloved
Ferrari team. Sofar Fisichella has raced in 225 Grands Prix,
scored 3 pole positions, 3 wins and 18 podium places and has
scored in total 267 championship points.
F1 Crash-Gate
Sep 21 - Fired Renault F1 driver Nelson Piquet, Jr.
announced that the team had him wreck on purpose in the
2008 Singapore Grand Prix in order to help his team-mate win
the race.  This unheard of strategy has created another uproar
in Formula One.  Piquet has been granted immunity by the FIA
for his tattle-telling.  Previous Formula One driver
says that now Piquet is unemployable and that
crashing on purpose is unforgivable.

Renault's team boss,
Flavio Briatore and their executive
director of engineering,
Pat Symonds, stepped down from their
positions for their responsibility in the affair.  The FIA met to
decide the fate of the Renault F1 team, who could have been
kicked out of F1.  However they were spared for cooperating
with the FIA.  The Council however came down hard on
Briatore, who has been forever banned from even attending let
alone taking part in any FIA-sanctioned series.  The
59-year-old Italian will also have to wind up his FFBB driver
management company, because the FIA said it does "not
intend to renew any Superlicense granted to any driver ...
associated ... with Mr. Briatore" or any of his companies or
associates.  Prominent FFBB drivers include
, Mark Webber and Heikki Kovalainen.

The FIA said it decided to impose such a harsh penalty on
Briatore not only because of the "severity of the breach", but
also for "continuing to deny his participation in the breach
despite all the evidence".

Symonds received the same penalty but for only a five-year
period, because he admitted taking part in the conspiracy and,
in a written submission to Monday's hearing, said it was to his
"eternal regret and shame".

It is speculated that there may be criminal proceedings for
ordering a dangerous crash, and other court actions, including
by Ferrari or Felipe Massa for costing them the 2008 world

Briatore led the team to two world titles with Alonso. He also was
the boss for Benetton Formula, Ltd. when
with Ford power in 1994 won his first of seven
World Championships. One year later using Renault engines,
Schumacher again was world champion before his leaving
Briatore to move to Ferrari.
Update: Sep 25 - Renault's title sponsor ING late on Thursday
said it has terminated its contract with the French team "with
immediate effect".

Mere hours after Spanish insurance backer Mutua Madrilena
pulled its logos from the R29 for the same reason, the Dutch
bank ING said it has also decided to end its association with
Renault because of the crashgate scandal.
Danica Stays In IndyCar
Sep 25 - I felt certain Danica Patrick would keep racing in the
IRL as rumors flew all year that F1 and NASCAR was courting

She signed a 3-year deal with her current team, Andretti-Green
Racing.  I was hoping she would work out a deal to drive for
Penske or Ganassi since these two team control the podium.  
Who knows, maybe AGR can step up to the plate next year.