Stand B & Penthouse B
The above photo is the old stand before 2016.
The vertical lines you see in the stands are aisles.  There are two sections or boxes between aisles.
The two views above are from Box 21, Row H, seat 3 of Penthouse B
Demonstrates the new support beams interfering with view above Row F (2018)
STAND B is shown in orange
Stand B is the track's second grandstand, originally built in 1910.
The current version was built in 1954 and renovated in 2003 and 2016, when a new
roof structure was added to the Penthouse which is 17' taller than the previous one.  
An upper tier was added as well and stadium seats were added to the penthouse
level and elevators were installed.
Above is how Penthouse B looks like after the 2016 rebuild.  Notice the 3-row upper deck that was
(Click Picture for Larger Photo)

The photos below show how the redesigned B Stand now appears.
Grandstand B runs along the outside of the front straight at the south end of the track, into Turn 1.  

It has a view of the front straight and Turn 1.
There are two levels:

* STAND B is the lower level
* PENTHOUSE B is the upper level and has a roof.  It acts as a roof for most of the lower level.

Rows A - F

Rows G & H

Rows AA-CC
These front rows have no support struts to block sight lines.
These seats are in the sun in the morning.

Fat support beams blocking views.

A new 3-row upper tier added in 2016.  Contains even further sight line disruptions,
especially at the south end where the roof of Penthouse E blocks the view of Turn 1.
STAND B is divided into Boxes, instead of Sections.
Boxes are numbered from Box 1 at the northern end and going up to Box 25 at the south end.
The number of rows vary from box to box.

Rows Q - Z  are in the upper part of the stand and consists of aluminum stands with backrests.
Rows E - P  are in a lower section and contains fold up chairs.  

Each letter consists of two rows - the first row contains seats 1-12, 2nd row is seats 13-24.
Higher rows are protected from rain and sun by the penthouse level.
Lower rows are not protected from rain, but will be in shade later in the afternoon.
The two views above were taken 2018 from Penhouse B, Box 25, Row CC
This is the new upper tier created in 2016.
On the right, the roof of E Penthouse blocks the view of Turn 1!
My photos from Penhouse B from -
2012 Indy 500 Qualifying  ,  2017 IndyCar Grand Prix Qualifying  
Penthouse Features:
* Elevator access
* Bathrooms and concession stands
* Wheel chairs accessible
* Stadium-style chairs.
View of B Stand at the 2019 INDY 500.
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View from Rows A-F - May 2017
Row H - May 2017