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"Only seconds after the field took the green flag on race day, Stan Fox's
racer went out of control, triggering a five-car accident in the first turn.
On the way to the wall, Stan's machine collected Eddie Cheever's car.
Sandwiched between Fox's car and the unforgiving concrete, Cheever
took quite a shot. But it was nothing compared to the the ride Fox took.
After bouncing off Cheever's racer, Fox hit the wall head-on. The force
was so tremendous, the bodywork literally exploded from the crumpled
machine. Cheever was the first to arrive at Fox's destroyed Reynard 915,
but there was little assistance he could offer the critically injured veteran.
Stan faced many months of hospital care and rehabilitation. Eventually
he would totally recover from this near-fatal accident.

"Friends and others told Cheever he was just in the wrong place at the
right time. Eddie said little about the accident, until the following evening
at the annual victory banquet.

"While nearly every other driver voiced hope for Stan's recovery, Cheever,
who was obviously very concerned about his fellow driver, spoke his
mind. 'If my job was to help make Stan's impact a little softer,' Cheever
said, 'then I was glad to be there.'"

[Indianapolis 500 Chronicle, 1998, by Rick Popely]
1995 Indianapolis 500 - Stan Fox Accident
Stan Fox died on December 19, 2000 in an passenger-car accident in New Zealand. He was 48.